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Vale Furnishers - Root Solid Square Coffee Table

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Solid Square Coffee Table £999 £799
  • Unique rustic coffee table
  • Carved from the roots of a teak tree
  • 100% natural and eco-friendly
  • Part of the Root Range

A truly mesmerising piece of furniture, the Root Solid Square Coffee Table brings the character, complexity and organicity of the natural world into traditional and modern homes alike.

What was essentially a waste product has been recycled into a beautiful, practical focal point for your room. It is the epitome of environmentally friendly furniture.

The table is carved from the solid, sprawling roots of a teak tree, trimmed, smoothed and polished but otherwise left as nature intended it. This gives the table an intriguing labyrinthine look and makes each one completely unique.

You can also purchase a round or rectangular version of the Root Coffee Table.


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Width: 100cm (39 in)   Depth: 100cm (39 in)   Height: 45cm (18 in)

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