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Vale Furnishers
Family Run Since 1960
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Vale Furnishers - Stone Tree Photography by Joseph Hithersay

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Photography by Joseph Hithersay £299 £239
  • Framed original photograph by local artist Joseph Hithersay
  • Limited edition - print run of only 150
  • Hand-framed by Joseph himself

An extraordinary example of nature's pecularities, Joseph Hithersay's "Stone Tree" is a beautiful and fascinating centrepiece for your wall. Joseph is a local artist, born and raised a stone's throw from Farnham, with a proclivity for discovering and capturing the rare, the special and the unusual as he travels the globe.

A feature of the incredible Bolivian Salt Flats, the Stone Tree is a distinctive sandstone structure, a consequence of great winds and sandstorms reaching 80mph and twisting and shaping the world over generations.


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Width: 46cm (18 in)   Depth: 3cm (1 in)   Height: 62cm (24 in)

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