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Vale Furnishers
Family Run Since 1960
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Vale Furnishers - Decay Series VI Photography by Markus Studtmann

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Photography by Markus Studtmann £329  
  • Fine art photograph by Markus Studtmann
  • Colour print in a black frame
  • Part of Studtmann's "Decay" series

Markus Studtmann's "Decay Series VI" beautifully melds photography and artistry to create a haunting and intriguing feature for your wall.

Studtmann's flair and passion for revealing the surprising beauty of disused and long-forgotten buildings shines through in "Decay Series VI". 

What's even more intriguing is that it appears to resemble a painting more than a photograph. This alluringly surreal effect is a consequence of Studtmann's innovative techniques, whereby he blends real and artistic elements with a view to capturing the underlying mood of the building.


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Width: 57cm (22 in)   Depth: 3cm (1 in)   Height: 81cm (32 in)

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