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Vale Furnishers
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Vale Furnishers - David Bowie Photography by Barry Plummer

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Photography by Barry Plummer £309  
  • Original photograph by Barry Plummer
  • Colour print in a black frame
  • Depicts late rock legend David Bowie in his 70s heyday

Great for music fans and anyone keen to bring some cultural nostaligia into their homes, Barry Plummer's "David Bowie" will make an engaging centrepiece for your wall.

Barry Plummer worked as a photographer in the music business between the 60s and 90s, and has had countless world-renowned musicians and bands in front of his lenses, including Paul McCartney, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and of course, David Bowie.

Many of his timeless prints were previously unpublished, confined to a reel of film for decades and only recently uncovered for the world to enjoy and remember these musical icons in their prime.


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Width: 62cm (24 in)   Depth: 3cm (1 in)   Height: 86cm (34 in)

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