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Harrison Beds - Double Comfort Villandry 13250 Mattress

Model Description WasPrice Now    
Double Sized Mattress
(w135cm, h53cm, d190cm)
£2479 £1649
King Sized Mattress
(w150cm, h53cm, d200cm)
£2929 £1949
Single Sized Mattress
(w90cm, h53cm, d190cm)
£1769 £1179
Super King Sized Mattress
(w180cm, h53cm, d200cm)
£3749 £2499

Offering the ultimate in sleeping luxury, the Villandry 13250 Mattress boasts 9750 independently working springs with a nested Revolution spring system at its core. The mattress also features HD lightweight titanium alloy springs and a plush 10cm topper with an integrated 20mm hypoallergenic latex layer for added comfort. Fillings including a wool and silk blend, cotton blend and a latex layer that are all held in place by the sumptuous hand tufting, while the mattress also features 16 air vents for elevated air circulation and three rows of side stitching for edge-to-edge support, providing the perfect surface for the soundest of sleeps.

The Villandry 13250 Mattress combines Revolution and Posturfil springs, providing ample support for the natural curvature of the spine and can be selected in a choice of Gentle, Medium or Firm to suit individual preferences.

The Revolution Spring System - Inside each evenly positioned pocket coil, is a second, smaller one that settles at the base of the outer spring. This unique spring has a soft, comfortable feel that responds to variable pressures. Two springs halve the workload and ensure the system continues to provide support for the lifetime of the bed.

Available most sizes, you can either purchase the Villandry 13250 on its own or combine it with a Villandry Platform Top Base - available with various storage options in order to create a stylish divan set.


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