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Nordic Natural

Small Sideboard


The Nordic Natural living and dining range is a traditional approach to modern dining. This range includes coffee table, display cabinets, dining chairs, dining tables, sideboards and side tables.

  • Inspired by Scandinavian style
  • Made from solid oak and oak veneer with a lacquered finish
  • Supplied with both metal and wooden handles
  • Available in Natural or painted

The Nordic Range will add a simple yet sophisticated finished touch to your space. The ranges natural home is a modern or Scandinavian-style interior, however, it manages to work just as well in more traditional homes by bringing a subtle air of elegance and simplicity. The Nordic is available in either a natural wood or panted in grey with oak tops.

Width: 85cm (33 in)   Depth: 35cm (14 in)   Height: 78cm (31 in)

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Warranty 1 year




Nordic Natural Bedroom.pdf
Nordic Natural Bedroom.pdf
Nordic Natural Living.pdf
Nordic Natural Living.pdf


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