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Find a fitting and durable home for your TV amid Vale Furnishers' expansive range of entertainment furniture, boasting practicality, quality and careful, thoughtful styling. We have entertainment units and cabinets for small and large televisions and hi-fi systems, and for flat-screen TVs and bulkier models. Warm, homely, classically styled units cater for the more traditional living spaces, and quirky units that redefine the design conventions of entertainment furniture cater for more contemporary spaces.

Select the perfect wood or glass finish to suit your interior, and find entertainment units with storage for your DVD player, digital box, games consoles, controllers, accessories, DVDs and CDs. Your ever growing film, music and media equipment collection is even better accommodated by our vast wall runs and modular entertainment units, with drawers and display cabinets.

What's more is that unlike entertainment units from Ikea or Argos, most of our pieces come fully assembled.