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The first Italian furniture makers to advocate and promote the use of glass in furniture design, Gallotti and Radice produce a vast array of beautiful office units, desks, lighting, coffee tables, chairs and mirrors. Infused with a fascination for the listless complexities of glass, their pieces include the famous Gallotti and Radice Zeiss Mirror.

Gallotti and Radice create furniture that is strong and enduring, using highly skilled craftsmen who appreciate the subtleties and contradictions of glass. One of their particularly prestigious projects was furnishing the Browns Hotel in London.

Vale Furnishers is proud to sell Gallotti and Radice furniture, including desks, chairs, office storage units and mirrors, to UK homeowners.


Gallotti & Radice - modern glass furniture

Gallotti and Radice - Air Office Units
Gallotti and Radice - Air Wall Office Units
Gallotti and Radice - OXF 09 Office Chair
From: £1290
Gallotti and Radice - President Dattilo Desk
From: £985
Gallotti and Radice - President Junior Desk
From: £1595
Gallotti and Radice - President Senior Desk
From: £2270
Gallotti and Radice - President Scrivania Desk
From: £1170
Gallotti and Radice - Spring Mirror
From: £640
Gallotti and Radice - Zeiss Wall Mirror
From: £995