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Born in 1913, Petropavl, Russian artist Vladimir Tretchikoff was the youngest of eight children to a wealthy family. His family migrated to Harbin, China, due to the Russian Revolution in 1917 but the experience has undoubtedly left a prominent influence on his artworks.

Vladimir Tretchikoff’s globally renowned portraits display a depth of beautiful and powerful colours which are re-imagined digitally as printed cushions and lampshades. His most recognised piece of artwork, Chinese Girl (also known as The Green Lady), as with his other critically acclaimed paintings including Miss Wong, Lady from Orient, and Zulu Girl, are now preserved in these luxurious cushions and to be revered.


Tretchikoff Cushions and Lampshades

Tretchikoff - Tretchikoff Monotone Chinese Girl Cushion
Tretchikoff - Tretchikoff Miss Wong Cushion
Tretchikoff - Tretchikoff Zulu Girl Lampshade
Tretchikoff - Tretchikoff Lost Orchid Cushion
Tretchikoff - Tretchikoff Monotone Lotus Flower Cushion
Tretchikoff - Tretchikoff Lost Orchid Lampshade