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Home storage ideas for any home

Storage is an issue for just about any home these days. Whether you’re trying to make the most of the square footage that you have or you’re looking to create an atmosphere of minimalism, clever home storage ideas can give you the space to achieve your dream. Update the capacity of your home with these 7 clever home storage ideas.

Vale Furnishers - Storage Ottoman in Ivory Leatherette

  1. Under stair storage

In most houses the area under the stairs is wasted space, somewhere that you may leave cleaning equipment or boxes you still haven’t unpacked. However, a well organised under stair storage area can breathe new life into a home because you can use it to free up all sorts of space – make it tidy toy cupboard, install a pull out wardrobe or convert it into attractive bookshelves where you can display your favourite tomes. You could even create a reading nook in the area, complete with cushions, or upgrade your home and add a smart (if small) bathroom.

  1. Under bed storage

Hypnos storage divan

Check out the Hypnos Super Storage Divan

Given the space that a bed takes up in a room, it makes sense to make use of the area underneath the mattress. A super storage ottoman divan requires no compromises on style to get that all important extra storage room. Available in sizes 3ft width up to 6ft with an easy to lift gas assisted hinge, you can store bedding, pillows, suitcases and unseasonal clothes in this sizeable space. University students can also take advantage of this as their dormitories are often cramped..

  1. Vertical storage

Curvy Bookshelf

It’s simple but very effective: vertical storage increases your ability to organise your home without taking up any additional floor space. Try vertical book cases and shoe racks to start with and if you’re a house of keen cyclists then try the vertical bike rack – a wall fixing with two sets of hooks that will hold two bikes, one close to the floor and the other above.

  1. Create a home office in a wardrobe


If you have a built in wardrobe that you don’t use this can be easily converted into a convenient home office space that you can close the door on at the end of the day. Simply remove the clothes rail and instead install a desktop wide enough for a laptop and shelves for essentials. Not only a great use of space but a home office you can switch off from when you’re not using it too.

  1. Hooks

You may have a hook for the dishcloth or coat hooks by the door but these simple accessories can help revolutionise storage in your home. Try using shower curtain hooks in your wardrobe to hang handbags or using hooks for jewellery that might otherwise be cluttering up surfaces.

  1. Coffee table storage

coffee table storage

Having storage in your coffee table can save valuable space

The coffee table is not just for mugs, TV remotes and feet, as you can turn your coffee table into a clever storage solution for everything from office supplies to wine bottles. The most effective coffee tables for storage are those with lids or drawers – with the addition of shelves or partitions you can create a well organised space for just about anything.

  1. Kids bunk beds

The ultimate in smart bedroom furniture, bunk beds not only mean that you can sleep two people in floor space the size of a single bed but there are lots of opportunities for adding shelves, underbed drawers, even a desk and wardrobe if the beds are positioned in an L shape. Get creative with bunks and give your little ones a great, fun childhood bedroom that is smart too.

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