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Interior design trends 2016

It’s around about now – spring and early summer – that many of our annual decorating plans start to come to fruition. Or at least, the coming of the lighter days tends to make us feel more inspired to wipe down our walls and replace those sofa cushions that really have seen better days. If that’s the case and you want to make sure your home interior will pass muster with today’s design police then here’s how to get a friendly clap on the back and sent smiling on your way. Here are the top interior design trends in 2016.

Bolder botanicals


Floral prints were big last year and they’re still around in 2016, only they’ve been  adapted a little. Rather than being pretty, they’re more graphic and in-your-face colourful such as this rather funky Roslyn teal duvet set.

Conservative kitchens


Our kitchens will be much more neutral and consisting of natural materials in 2016 and for the foreseeable future. Certainly, all this ‘living in harmony with nature’ ethos is impacting in our cooking spaces in a grand way these days with calming light woods and stone grey palettes the order of the day.

Affluent Asian rooms


There’s a bit of an Asian interiors theme going around this year. In fact, it’s pretty huge – particularly in the high-end and luxury market sectors where entire rooms happen to be devoted to Eastern décor (usually the bathroom or bedroom, which are already viewed as the most serene spaces in our homes). To get the sophisticated and glamorous Asian look you’ll need plenty of dark wood, silk screens and, of course, jasmine scented candles.

Bigging up brass


Last year it was copper’s chance to shine (quite literally). This year it’s all about brass and gold as accent colours. Both these metals – like copper – add warmth and glamour to a room while they also reflect the light that’s already there, making the space appear brighter and even larger. This brass hanging wood burner is pretty unusual and we haven’t seen many around, but it’s perfect for the look.

Souped up Seventies


What, you thought the fashion for lusting after luscious purple velvet poufs and bright oranges vases with neon yellow zigzags happened four decades ago? Well yes it did, but seventies colours are back with a vengeance. And this Isaac sofa fits the bill beautifully.

Amazing artisanal products


That old fence – the one which has been lying around your back garden for years now – could be made into a special bespoke tree house for the kids, you know. All it requires is finding a trusty joiner and maybe hammering in a few nails yourself. Up-cycling is bigger than before, but it has more of a craftsman edge in 2016. And the more weathered the wood and ‘honest’ the materials, the more ‘authentic’ the look: Treehouseblog

Wowing with words


Another trend that began last year and has built up momentum so that it’s even more omnipresent this year, oversized lettering and typography is everywhere. And it can be used everywhere too – in the sitting room, our bedroom, the kitchen, toilet etc. Whether it’s a word or a letter, have it in shabby chic white wood, shiny silver metal or make your own with fabric and the pages of old books.

Whatever of the above trends you choose to go with – if any – remember too that interior design is individual. In other words, go with the styles you love. Who cares if you’re the only one who can stand it?!



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