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Tips for Rugs – What to Avoid

The humble rug is a floor covering that has a lot to offer. It not only provides warmth and sound insulation for wooden floors but it’s also a great way to add some style. However, the wrong rug in the wrong place can ruin a room – so, how do you know if you’ve got it right? Let’s start by looking at the top tips for rugs and bad ways to use them when you’re thinking about rugs in your home.

A rug that is too small


There is some wisdom to the idea that if you can’t find a rug that’s sizeable enough then don’t use one at all. Not only does a tiny rug look more like a doormat but it also has an air of meanness about it. Small rugs are always a trip hazard and will rarely stay positioned perfectly in place. Even if you’re on a limited budget, make sure you invest in a rug that suits the size of the space.


A rug that is too big

The flip side of the rug size coin is the oversized rug that ruins the effect of beautiful wooden floorboards underneath or even scrunches up at the side of the room. Perhaps you hate your carpet, or you may be soundly of the opinion that big is always better, but when it comes to rugs that’s not always the case. A large rug is a great thing as long as it’s in a room big enough to take it. Classic example of bad ways to use rugs.

The bizarre rug

A good rug should add to the quality of its surroundings. It might make a statement, it might be part of a consistent design scheme but what a rug shouldn’t do is make people puzzled. The bizarre rug is one that you may have been given as a gift, perhaps made yourself when going through an arts and crafts phase or once thought was a real find.  Often it shows faces, animals or perhaps even fairy tale scenes. It’s fine to want a rug that is a talking point, just make sure it’s generating the right kind of chat. Consider rugs with calmer personalities.


The clashing rug

Clashing colours come and go as an aesthetic trend, both in fashion and interiors. However, even when you’re hurling colours together that are not natural pairs there are still some rules about how to do it. If you want to clash a rug with other colours in your interiors then make sure the rug itself is a single colour and good quality. For most of us the safest option is to choose a rug within the same colour scheme as the rest of the room.

Tapis indien - fibres recycls

A rug with a bad pattern

Patterned rugs can look absolutely stunning – or they can make your eyes water. If you’re planning to incorporate a patterned rug into your interiors then opt for shades colours that fit with your general scheme and repeat the pattern somewhere else in the room, such as on sofa cushions. Patterned rugs will always make a statement but they should stand out stylishly not stick out like a sore thumb.

Modern living-room interior with pink couch near empty white wall. 3d render.

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