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Bedroom Furniture Items That Make a Bedroom

rustic bedroom theme

It’s our own personal sanctuary – the place we retire to at the end of a long day (or even during the 9 to 5 if we happen to be working from home) to get some peace and quiet as well as relaxation. So, if it’s so important to us, why don’t we glamorise our bedroom as much as we can? Or at least, ensure it has everything we need in order to feel comfortable? In this article we outline the 5 bedroom furniture items – in no particular order – that we here at Vale Furnishers feel are essential for every bedroom today:

The Most Comfortable Bed – EVER

evening bedroom in old loft apartment downtown - Bett in alter Loft Wohnung im Kerzen Licht

Number one is the bed, of course, and the most essential of all bedroom furniture items on this list for obvious reasons. The bed frame is important too however – as is the headboard to ensure a design match with the rest of the room – but the essential item when it comes to a comfortable bed is your mattress. And that’s all about support and temperature. Whether you opt for a coil sprung or a memory foam version it has to be the perfect fit so it’s important to take time to research and try out various options.

Speak to our in-store sales team here at Vale Furnishers as they’ll happily provide advice on style and firmness etc.

Nicely Stocked Nightstands


It’s the receptacle for our books and magazines, not to mention the place on which we’ll perch our morning cup of tea. It’s drawer stores our dream diary, hand creams and other personal bits and pieces we like to keep close to hand (a bit like a night-time handbag for the ladies, really). But nightstands aren’t only practical, they’re also highly decorative. Having one on either side of your bed ‘bigs up’ your sleeping area so that it becomes a focal point of the room. It also adds a nice symmetrical, orderly touch to the room.

Well Thought-Out Wardrobe


You can choose between free-standing or fitted wardrobes. Both have their obvious advantages – you can move around a free-standing version when you want to change the room or move home, whereas the fitted wardrobe will always save on space (and, unfortunately, allow you to hoard more clothes!).

Freestanding wardrobes tend to come in various door sizes, from one up to four. Bear in mind though that the four door – tempting as it may be in terms of storage – will also take up a lot of room. Often a pair of two door wardrobes can prove more suitable (especially if your bedroom isn’t that large to begin with). You’ll want your wardrobe to have a hanging rail(s) and shelving. Low shelving is great for shoes while you can fit handbags in a high shelf.

Decorative Dressing Table

Vale Furnishers - Mapperley 6 Drawer Dresser

When paired up with a matching stool and mirror, dressing tables prove practical as well as decorative – thanks to all those lotions/potions and pretty jewellery boxes laid out them. They are also the ideal area in which to carry out your night time/morning beauty rituals (and on this note, you’ll want plenty of depth in those drawers to store all that paraphernalia).

Champion a Chest of Drawers

Porada - Hamilton Chest of Drawers

Wardrobes are excellent for storing dresses, skirts, trousers etc but they’re not the best places – unless there is plenty of shelving – in which to place jumpers, underwear, tights and T-shirts. No, this is where your ever-handy chest of drawers comes in.

You’ll find the typical chest of drawers around an average adult’s waist or chest height. In the past the latter were referred to as tallboys. They’re great when floor space is at a premium. Take Porada’s modern Hamilton Chest of Drawers for example. On the whole, most chests contain from four to six drawers. Use them to store photo albums, cameras, gifts and other knick knacks, as well as clothing – and to keep the bedroom looking neat as a pin.

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