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Great calligaris rugs to add style to your home

Calligaris rugs are another example of how to do style by this trendy Italian furniture brand. One of the best ways to introduce an accent colour into a plain coloured room is to add a colourful rug. The latter is also perfect for bringing in more texture. Calligaris produce some of our favourite threads on the planet in the form of these designer rugs. See if you agree.

Stars Rug

calligaris stars rug

Enjoy Starry nights and starry days with this twinkling celestial rug. In a fun circular shape it’s perfect lying beside the bed in a child’s bedroom or for placing under a circular glass coffee table. In deep midnight blue or pitch black the Calligaris Stars Rug adds a quirky touch for any room in the home.  Priced £640 and produced from 100 % beautifully soft tufted wool, as well as being lovely for a child to sit and play on, it’s also both flameproof and moth-proof. And spills can be pretty easily wiped up too.

Follower Rug

calligaris follower rug

A great way to add colour to any room in your home is to add a stylish rug – and this Follower Rug is just the job. With its blanket grey background and black with white stripes of varying sizes, it blends in three different colour series to match the current accents in your room. Priced at £327, choose from a yellow and green combination, blue and aquamarine or red and violet. Soft and made from 100 % wool, it protects against moths and is completely flameproof.

Arabia Rug

Calligaris arabia rug

Get an impressive representation of the world’s largest-ever rug when you invest in the Arabia Rug for your own home. Started in 1903 for the Sultan of Persia, the final stitches to the complicated, geometric patterned rug were only finally added just seven years ago – a whole century later. Unlike the priceless original this rather smaller replica rug will only set you back a mere £365. Rectangular in shape, the Arabia Rug contains familiar arabesque shapes featuring star and flower motifs. The rug’s cotton, acrylic chenille and polyester blend give it a vintage look, making it perfect for a traditional period sitting room or shabby chic bedroom. It’s a classic Calligaris rug: stylish and classy.

Africa Rug

Calligaris africa rug

Introduce a touch of the Sub Sahara into your home with this stunning rug in monochrome black and white. The Africa Rug is ideal for a room with a minimalist look, or a vividly colourful room where you don’t want a clash. Handwoven from a blend of shiny rayon threads and cotton, it displays a very contemporary touch with its series of squares and diamonds. This would make an excellent fireside rug or – in the largest size – a base on which to place a glass dining table. It’s all yours for a mere £465.

Beautifully soft underfoot, the sumptuous Downy Rug could become a prize focal point for any room. Produced from handwoven shiny rayon yarns mixed into a cotton base, the rug is perfect for cuddling into in front of the fire on a cold winter’s day. It’s also luxuriously lovely for sinking your feet into in the bedroom. Non-toxic dyes ensure this rug, which is priced £659, is family friendly.

Calligaris downy rug



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