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The Best Chairs to Relax In – Our Top Picks

The humble chair… Often used but hardly ever thought about, isn’t it time we all paid a little more attention to the items of furniture we really ought to be most aware of? After all, although we (probably) spend more time in our beds, we’re asleep for most of it – yet when we use the chair we’re (mostly) awake. Surely it makes sense to choose something that is truly the most comfortable, most beautiful, and most relaxing piece of furniture we can possibly find? Whether you’re in Hampshire or London, here are what we believe are the best chairs to relax in:

Vale Furnishers - Chino Chair

Something like the exquisite Chino chair, for example. This wonderful looking, supremely comfortable compact chair with an optional matching footstool is available in a range of different fabrics and colours. So it can match any décor or work in any room that you choose – a living room, a bedroom, a study… take your pick. It is small, so you can move it from place to place as you wish, but despite its size it offers amazing back support to keep you relaxed and at ease.

Vale Furnishers - Divine Armchair

Alternatively, what about the gorgeous Divine Armchair? Imagine sitting back in this stunning piece of furniture. Imagine relaxing back into it with a newspaper or book in one hand and a long, cool drink in the other. Or curling up in it in front of a roaring fire. Or sitting happily through an old movie. Or anything else that you want to do – this chair will let you do it. This sleek and stylish and ultimately incredibly comfortable armchair has a certain retro look to it, which makes it interesting and the perfect centrepiece for your living room. The traditional hardwood frame gives this chair its strength, and the choice of different coverings, as well as arm and leg design, gives this chair a personality all of its own that compliments yours.

Vale Furnishers - Tahiti Armchair

The Tahiti armchair is a modern shape made with a traditional quilting style that together makes this the most comfortable chair you can think of. Plus, if you want to have new furniture throughout your living room the Tahiti range includes a footstool, a two seater sofa, and a three seater sofa too. What about a whole new range to make your entire living room as comfortable and relaxing as it can be?

Vale Furnishers - Valencia Swivel Electric Recliner

For the ultimate in enjoyable relaxation, you should consider the Valencia Swivel Electric Recliner. What could be more relaxing than a chair that allows you to recline? Plus the plump cushions and soft upholstery make this a chair you won’t ever want to leave! And if you prefer to have a manual recliner the battery pack is an optional extra so you can use this chair in any way that you want to.

Vale Furnishers - Benjamin Armchair and Footstool - best chairs to relax

There something about sinking deeply into a leather chair that is so welcoming, so warm, that it can for some be the most relaxing experience imaginable. The Benjamin armchair and footstool is exactly that kind of comfort. This chair is a combination of luxury and timeless design which means that you will be able to enjoy it fully for many years to come.

Whichever chair you choose, it needs to suit you – it needs to be comfortable, cosy and ultimately beautiful in both design and relaxation giving contentment.

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