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Important Living Room Furniture for the home

The living room is such an important part of the house, but it can sometimes be overlooked. After all, the kitchen is where the food is prepared with all the fun and games that entails – something literally – and the bedroom is the place we all look forward to most at the end of a long day. The bathroom is a sanctuary, where we can take a few moments to ourselves. But the living room, isn’t that for everyone? Isn’t that neutral ground and as such surely there isn’t much of a design aesthetic involved?

But that’s exactly the point – the living room is for everyone, and that includes guests, so it really should be dressed up as well as possible. And there are five pieces of essential living room furniture that need to be included.


The Sofa

living room furniture-april-sofa

The first is the sofa (and matching chairs if space allows). If nothing else, this piece of furniture cannot possibly be left out of creating the perfect, comfortable living room. There is really no point in having the room at all if there is nowhere comfortable to sit once you’re in it. You will need to measure the room properly and decide just where your sofa will go – make sure it doesn’t dominate too much, even if it is the thing that everyone is going to want to see. Something like the striking April sofa is ideal.

The Coffee Table


The next important piece of furniture is the coffee table. A coffee table is a useful item to have in your living room – handy for all sorts of reasons including a space to keep magazines, rest drinks, or even play board games – and a living space can often look rather empty without one. Choose the Beijing coffee table and you will have something practical yet beautiful; a fabulous combination.

The Rug


In order to keep your living room space both practical and cosy, a rug offers the best way to protect your carpet or flooring whilst also keeping the room warmer. Not only that, but since a rug can be changed so easily, alternating between two or three different floor coverings, perhaps depending on the season or just because you feel like something different, the entire look of your living room can be changed in moments. You could have the gorgeous Glamour Raspberry rug and then change it to the Calvin Klein Maya Rug for a completely different look!


The Lighting


The lighting in a living room is also an important element to get right. Too bright and you can’t relax, too low and you may as well not bother at all. The lovely Tulip 5 standing lamp has a gorgeous glow to is, and when it isn’t being a functional piece, it is a work of art! If you prefer a table lamp, there are so many different styles to choose from. A modern take on a vintage look always goes down well, which is exactly what you get with the fabulous Cindy lamp.


The Sideboard


Finally, have you considered a sideboard? This retro piece of furniture is stylish and completely up to date, and it always looks great. Useful for additional storage, a good sideboard, such as the Labyrinth Sideboard is the perfect way to finish a living off.

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