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Best table lamps for any mood

It may be a fairly small and humble piece of furniture but the table lamp can transform a space from dull to interesting, unfriendly to warm. Designed to shed light and bring emphasis to small areas of a room, table lamps come in a whole wide range of varieties and designs, from the directional and modern, to classic, simple shapes. Choose one for you that injects some personality or adds another dimension to a study, lounge or bedroom. Check out some of the best table lamps here.

Glass Bubble Lamp

Glass bubble lamp

The contemporary combination of metal and glass, shaped into soft, classic curves makes the Glass Bubble Lamp the perfect fusion of traditionally elegant and bravely modern. Two large, clear bubbles of glass are positioned one on top of the other around a glass stem with a simple white shade to finish off the design. Given its neutral colours and unique look, the Glass Bubble Lamp can blend in with just about any environment but will also provide a striking conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

Labware Table Lamps


For a table lamp that is a guaranteed point of interest in any room, it has to be from the Labware range. Designed by Benjamin Hubert – EDIDA International Young Designer of the Year 2010 – these unique designs won the Blueprint Award for Best New Product and are exceptionally innovative and contemporary. This carefully crafted piece is made from mouth-blown white opaque glass, a hand-turned oak cork bark stopper and has a braided blue flex. Thoughtfully designed, right down to the last details, the Labware designs have a bright white low energy bulb.

Tati Table Lamp

tati kartell

The Tati Table Lamp brings a touch of Art Deco detailing to any space. From Kartell, the simple, clean lines and an iconic vintage silhouette have been produced via an innovative design process that has created a piece of classic style behind a transparent casing. The lamp itself is contained within the transparent PMMA case, whilst the chrome base contains the diffuser – available in either solid colour methacrylate (white, black, and lace) or in elegant pleated material. This is the perfect table lamp for chic interiors with retro references.

Metal Bound Table Lamps

metal bound table lamp

Natural and rustic with classic shabby chic design cues, the Metal Bound range of table lamps is constructed from grey natural wood and heavy-duty metal brackets. The combination of bold textures and lightly distressed finish brings an easy elegance to any space, continuing a neutral, naturals theme or providing some contrast to interiors that are contemporary and minimal. The lamp is finished off with a heavy cotton taupe shade.

Tree Lamp

blott tree lamp

Some table lamps were created to make a statement and the Tree Lamp from Blott Works falls squarely into that category. This contemporary industrial decorative design is the work of Maedir Rigolo, who has fused together a variety of design influences, from the shapes of nature to the textures of industry. Eccentric and modern, exploring ideas of balancing and floating, it is a statement piece with plenty to say.

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