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bring the outside in

Spring has sprung… apparently. Although the dates might match up, there is something in the air that is telling us otherwise. In some cases it’s rain. In others it’s hail. And in still more it’s snow. So what can we do when the weather is foiling our plans to enjoy the outside space we might want to be in?

If you can blend your indoor rooms (bedroom, living room, even your office space or kitchen) with your garden you can achieve a fantastic feeling of more space. It will also feel fresh and bright, and can liven up any living area with just a little work on your part.

“Two to three plants – and tall ones at that – will continue the garden theme wherever you put them..”

One way to achieve this look is to fit folding doors at the back of your house to lead you from the inside to the outside (and back again!). Opening up these doors completely will allow for a big open space and access into the outside world in a completely seamless way.

Flooring is another way to bring the outdoors inside. There are some great natural looking flooring options around, thanks to some fantastic designers. One example of this is these vinyl tiles that look like stone flooring. Imagine how cool that would feel walking around barefoot with a mojito in your hand and the sun shining through from outside!

Using low level furniture is another inventive way to make a room not only look bigger, but, when used beneath a window, it leaves an uninterrupted view of the outside that can flow perfectly into your home and beyond. Furniture such as the beautiful Thomas Schneider Atlas Sideboard will do this job perfectly. Blocking the windows blocks the outside world, which is exactly what you don’t want to do.

Finally, to really get the essence of the outside on the inside, place pot plants in the room. Don’t use too many of them or your room will start to look like a jungle and be impossible to enjoy properly. Two to three plants – and tall ones at that – will continue the garden theme wherever you put them. Place them in a dining room around the table (for example the Ethnicraft Circle Dining Table) for an alfresco feel to dinner.


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