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Console Tables

We all love a console tables, even if the name is unfamiliar. It could be that you have one – or some – in your home right now, and you’re not even aware of it. In case you weren’t sure, console tables are placed up against the wall (sometimes it’s even attached to the wall) or other solid object, and is mainly used for display. They are pretty great, changing the look of a room and adding additional storage in some cases too.

Vale Furnishers - Savile Console Table

Take the Savile Console Table for example. This incredibly modern crocodile skin effect table is unique and it is stylish. Talk about a talking point! But it’s not just the standard uses that makes this a great console table to have in your home; it also has two additional drawers that give you fantastic storage as well as a great looking table. The Savile Console Table would look stunning in a living room or hallway, and whether you use it to hold a lamp, your precious ornaments, or even photo frames, the chrome fixings will set it off perfectly.

Vale Furnishers - Kensington Console Table With Drawer

Then there is the Kensington Console Table. This classy table wouldn’t look out of place no matter where you put it, but this is more than just a (very) pretty face; this table could be seen as a modern piece of art. And why not? With its soft close drawer that is divided into different compartments but that is hidden completely when shut, there is a certain mystique and magic about it all. Polished stainless steel, glass, and white lacquer go towards making this a cool, chic piece of furniture.

Tom Schneider - Swirl Console Tables

The Swirl Console Table is another functional, clever, yet stylish table that you’ll want to have in your home. This sensational table from British designer Tom Schneider is artistic, it’s relevant, it’s superb. What makes it even more impressive is that it is hand carved, yet it is utterly symmetrical. Contemporary whilst still retaining its elegant style, the Swirl is a piece that will definitely catch the eye.

Vale Furnishers - Apollo Eclectic Collection Console Table

The console table from the Apollo Eclectic Collection is yet another piece of stunning design and execution. It has a definite industrial look to it, making it look strong, sturdy and ready for anything. Place your precious possessions on this table and you can rest assured that it will easily hold them – they will, in other words, be completely safe with the Apollo Eclectic console table. As will your design aesthetic.

Vale Furnishers - Cobra Walnut Console Table

Finally, why not check out the Cobra Walnut Console Table? Is it a table? Is it shelving? Yes! It’s a little of both, combining practicality with beauty. Available in three different finishes (real oak wood veneers, real wenge wood veneers and real wood veneers in a charcoal finish), the Cobra Walnut Console Table would look as good in a rustic farmhouse as it would in a minimalist apartment.

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