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The Flos Lighting Range

Flos lighting is simply iconic – It’s fair to see Flos are in the business, not of simply creating lamps, but rather putting together illuminating artwork we can happily put to work in our homes in a practical sense. An Italian company which have been delighted the world with their innovative ideas over the past five decades, their iconic, classic and statement floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights will add a touch of fabulousness to any contemporary home. Today the company’s focus is on sustainable materials and integrating new technology in the lighting world such as LED and OLED systems.

Flos floor lamps

Flos lighting - Bibliotheque Nationale Floor Lamp

A luminescent design item regardless of the room it finds itself in, the floor lamps is a must-have for most of us. Whether it’s the classic vertical stem and silk woven shade version, a British and European classic or a more unique sculpted installation type piece, we’re sure you’ll find something to like from the Flos range. Certainly, there’s the unusual Bibliotheque Nationale for a start.

Fun and definitely funky this floor lamp was originally designed by the young Philippe Starck. It consists of a chrome plated stem in which stainless steel shelves are poised in order to hold books. Embracing technology, this particular version of the original has an integrated USB port in its base to charge up your kindle at the same time.

Flos pendant lamps

Flos - Glo Ball S2 Pendant Ceiling Lamp

Nothing is more dazzling in lighting terms than a magnificent pendant light – except perhaps a matching sequence of three. In copper, glass, silver, grey and, in fact, just about every colour under the rainbow, they have the ability to make an instant statement in any room. Take the Flos Glo Ball S2 pendant for instance. Designed by Jasper Morrison it’s diffuser of hand-blown opaline glass is perfect for diffused lighting, while its steel suspension cable ensures it’s going nowhere.

Flos table lamps

Flos - Miss K Table Lamp

Purposeful, contemporary, decorative and with the magical ability to create a particular ambience, Flos table lamps perk up a room with their very presence. Table lamps, bedside lamps, desk lamps – Flos boast an exotic collection and it’s one we will never tire of looking at. The Miss K table lamp, by Philippe Starck, is a definite favourite with its aluminized shade in a choice of black, red or silver, and polycarbonate transparent base. Stylish and sophisticated, with an optimal dimmer switch, it’s a must-have.

Flos iconic lamps

Flos - Arco Floor Lamp

There are lamps we all recognise from favourite TV programmes, films and glossy magazines – lamps that we have hankered over for years, in fact. The Arco floor lamp is one such classic. First appearing in the 1960s and designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni it has certainly enjoyed a popular resurgence in recent years. Famously inspired by a street lamp, the Arco measures more than two metres high thanks to a satin finished steel telescopic stem and aluminium swivel reflector.

The base is solid white Carrara marble:

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