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Fun office furniture to inspire your imagination

We don’t always feel like going to work some days so it makes sense to make our home office as welcoming as possible with some furniture and accessories that are sure to put a smile on our face. Here are some of our favourite fun furniture.


Oriental ideas with Japanese design


First up, Japanese designers Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou have come up with this stylish and meditative ecological desktop accessory. The pair’s fish tank/plant accessory is not only relaxing to look at, as well as healthy (since the plant will absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere), but it’s also sustainable. That’s because the idea behind it is that the excrement released by the fish will become part of the soil to make the plant grow. Clever…

Stand up to back-ache

choose the right size rug for your room


Back and posture specialists have been telling us for years now that too much sitting in front of a screen can lead to muscular and spinal problems, not to mention headaches. Instead, they’re encouraging us to stand for at least 15 minutes every hour. One way to do that is by propping your laptop up on a ledge and using a Steppie Board to stand on. It means using your core muscles and which in turn means it doesn’t put unnecessary strain on other parts of your body. At the same time it actually strengthens your core.


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Keep it simple with Italian design


Fans of the minimalist look will love the Piquant Bookcase from the Cattelan Italia range. Actually we’re not particularly minimalist design fans ourselves but we do love this. An abstract cubist style cross between a storage and display case it’ll be great for showcasing client wins/awards/certificates etc while at the same time you can hide away all those messy folders and the gifts you can’t stand the sight of. Designed by Andrea Lucatello, this lovely piece of office furniture is available in white, graphite, grey or Canaletto walnut veneer.

Timeless style


Is it a clock? Is it a mirror? No actually, it’s a giant 3D sticker in the shape of a clock shape whose Roman numerals boast a reflective front. And yes, it really does work (with a Quartz battery). If you’re the type who is always checking their watch, then this is definitely the office clock for you.


Leave your friends open mouthed


Never again have to run back through to the kitchen because you’ve forgotten to pick up biscuits while you were making coffee. This Face Mug allows you to carry your biscuits at the same time as your coffee because there’s a nook for placing them in at the bottom of the cup. Genius!

Any thoughts to these fun office furniture? Share them with us!

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