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Tips to Furnish Small Bedrooms

Sometimes, in order to get the space we want elsewhere (the living room or kitchen perhaps), or in order to live in a particular area, for example, sacrifices have to be made. Often, one of those sacrifices is the bedroom, or even bedrooms. The standard thinking is that a bedroom is only really used for sleeping, so it doesn’t need to be big… And the latter part of that statement is utterly correct – your bedroom doesn’t need to be big. As for the former, it’s probably not entirely accurate.

A bedroom is a place of sanctuary; where else can a harried mother read a book in peace? Where else can a man watch the important football match without being disturbed? Where else can homework be done in relative quiet?

A bedroom is more important than we give it credit for, and even a small one can be furnished the way it deserves to be. To start with, every bedroom, no matter what size, needs a focal point. A great focal point is the headboard. The eye will be drawn to it anyway since it is the tallest part of the bed, so why not make it something special? Either by re-decorating the original headboard with stencils or lighting (the Oliver bedstead is ideal for that).
furnish small bedrooms guide-Vale Furnishers - Oliver Painted Bed Frame with Storage

Plus, it has storage underneath which is another bonus in a small bedroom) or by removing it and adding an entirely new one.

You will also want to keep things fairly open in a small bedroom. Don’t, for example, buy the biggest bed you can find – buy the one that fits the room and gives you space to move around it. A bedroom that is dominated by the bed itself will look small no matter what its a actual size. The same goes for the rest of the furniture – don’t fill every available space with something just because there is a gap, and if you need both a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, why not look for something that combines the two? The Leamington Combi Wardrobe does this wonderfully.

Vale Furnishers - Leamington Combi Wardrobe

When it comes to colour, make sure you keep it light and bright, and don’t decorate in dark hues. The odd splash of a dark blue, purple, even black can look stunning, as long as the rest of the room is white, cream, or a similar tone.

Hidden storage can be the answer to many a messy problem. We’ve already mentioned the fact that some bedframes come with storage underneath, giving you that extra bit of room, but for even more space saving, you might want to consider an ottoman. Vale Furnishers - Ruskin Blanket BoxThey can sit neatly at the bottom of a bed and even double as seating – just pop a comfy foam cushion across the top. They may be retro in nature, but they are as modern as anything in design – a great example is the Ruskin blanket box.

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