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Inspiring furniture including storage for your home

A clutter free home sounds like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Smart choices about furniture and storage can make your dream space a reality thanks to the clever options available to store your stuff. Don’t settle for messy spaces and crowded surfaces but free up your life from clutter with these smart solutions.

Under bed storage


A bed with storage means you can tidy away your sheets, towels and more

Perfect for people with limited space for manoeuvre. The most obvious choice for the bedroom, under bed storage comes in many different forms, from drawers that are built into the bed itself, to boxes you buy separately. For some serious storage where you can keep bulky items such as suitcases, duvets or bed linens within easy reach, opt for an ottoman bed with a hinged structure where the divan top and mattress lift up – there’s no need to compromise on comfort, aesthetics or storage capacity with these smart beds.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables usually come in multiples of two or three and are a great option as a quick solution to the need for additional table space. When they’re not required the nesting tables stack away inside each other, taking up less floor space than two or three separate tables, and providing room for storage of magazines, coasters, remote controls and other living room essentials.

An Ottoman


An ottoman is a great way to store your stuff

An ottoman makes a great addition to any living space, not just as a smart storage solution, but also a stylish piece of furniture. Upholstered ottomans double up as comfortable seating, as well as the perfect place to store children’s toys, magazines, extra cushions and remote controls. Easy access and a roomy inside make the ottoman a storage essential for the clutter free home.

Coffee tables

The coffee table is a staple for any good looking living room and also provides plenty of storage options too. As well as the traditional lower shelves to hold magazines or books, there are coffee tables that have drawers and boxes, as well as lift up lids and tops that can be raised to create a higher surface. You can even use your coffee table as a wine rack. There’s no need to compromise on style if you’re looking for a more functional coffee table as smart storage choices still come with great aesthetics.

Console tables



Console tables are made in all shapes and designs these days, from the ultra contemporary A-Frame console table to classic hall tables. Each one brings its own set of storage solutions too, whether you’re looking for multiple shelves, hideaway drawers or a bottle rack. Take your pick of finishes in sleek metal and glass or traditional walnut or oak.

Home office

If you have a home office – or you want to create one – then this opens up a whole new world of prospective clutter. However, double up your furniture so that it serves two purposes and this needn’t be the case. Corner desks are a clever use of space and carefully placed desk shelves can hold everything from stationary supplies to printers. Wall shelves are useful vertical storage, leaving the ground and surfaces clutter free, and smart seating can also provide somewhere to store papers and books.

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