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Why Glass Coffee Tables?

When it comes to choosing glass coffee tables make sure you see through any shoddy imitations and opt for a quality version instead.

Glass coffee tables aren’t just eye-catching, they also have several plus-points over their wooden contemporaries. Here’s some of them right here:

  1. A glass coffee table is the perfect choice for a small room, particularly one which already has quite a bit of furniture in it. That’s because glass coffee tables perform a clever visual trick in the sense that the see-thru glass top doesn’t ‘break up’ the room which, in turn, provides the illusion of more space.
  2. Glass tables with a shelf underneath are also a great way of displaying your favourite coffee table books without losing any surface space to place cups or a vase of flowers etc.
  3. Being see-through, a glass table won’t distract from the room’s focal points such as a colourful rug, dramatic wallpaper or stunning flooring.

Yet another advantage of a glass coffee table is the fact that the glass itself can be recyclable when you fancy a change, meaning there is no need to feel guilty about adding to the planet’s already heaving waste burden.

Meanwhile, it’s worth pointing out that most of the glass these days is tempered, meaning it’s stronger and more durable.

Without further ado though, here we list five of our favourite glass tables, along with an explanation as to why we like them so much:

Oval Glass Coffee Table

The Porada Infinity table, so-called for its sculptured twisted hoop interlocking base, makes a lovely central addition to any room. Designed by S Bigi, the Paroda’s solid wood base is available in a variety of contemporary woods, ensuring a high likelihood of matching with your room’s existing furniture.

Infiinity ovale glass coffee tables

Rustic Glass Coffee Table

Another glass-topped coffee table with a striking base – albeit in a more rustic fashion – is the Root Solid Ball table. Carved then polished from the base of an actual teak tree, this stunning, organic coffee table is a lovely eco-friendly addition to any room. Doubly impressive is the fact that each table is utterly unique.

Root solid glass coffee tables

Square Glass Coffee Table

Available in either black or white glass, the stylish Mirage Square Coffee Table provides a smart solution for any sitting room, bedroom or hallway. The table’s brushed aluminium frame and oxidised paint finish bring it bang up to date with today’s interior trends while its straight lines allow it to sit flush against a wall.

mirage square glass coffee tables

Adaptable Glass Coffee Table

But maybe you’re in the market for something larger at times? If so, then the Kensington Coffee Table may be the perfect solution. This clever construct allow you to increase or decrease the size of the table at will, since it’s actually two coffee tables pushed together. Available in grey tinted or clear glass and with a polished stainless steel base frame, it definitely ticks all the contemporary design boxes too.

Kensington glass coffee tables

Iconic Glass Coffee Table

And finally, who doesn’t love the Easy Coffee Table? A design classic this table, shaped from a single piece of 12 mm glass curved at either side is a lovely ‘softening’ addition to a room full of sharp, angular furniture.

Easy glass coffee tables

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