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Good night’s sleep tips for you to try

Insomnia can attack at any time, and it can hit anyone. When it does, it can be completely debilitating. Sometimes there is a good reason for it – stress, illness, too much caffeine, for example – but sometimes there seems to be nothing at all behind it.


Could it be your bedroom itself? Could the room, the furniture, the way it is all set out, the way you are even using it be playing a part in the reason you can’t sleep? Some experts believe so.

Keep it calm


Your bedroom needs to be dark, quiet, and cool, and when you’re in it you need to feel calm and comfortable. So if there are things all over the place, clothes on the floor, nick-knacks on every surface, glasses and bottles and rubbish in the way, they will make the room feel unnecessarily stressful.

The cost of coffee

We love a good cup of coffee and we slurp our way through plenty of tea each day but while the caffeine content might keep us pepped and on the pulse throughout the working day, the effects of caffeine can creep into our sleep. The half-life of caffeine is over 3 hours, so 5 hours after your last cup, you’ll still be feeling the caffeine and that can be terrible for those who are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Why not try switching to decaf at lunch time or cutting right back on the Costas, Prets, Starbucks and Neros for a month and see if it improves your sleep.


But it’s an easy thing to fix – decluttering will make the room (and you) feel better immediately. Of course, although some of the items in your room don’t need to be there, others such as clothing or personal items, do. So why not invest in some gorgeous storage space? The Suffolk Pine storage unit is a neat way to keep your folded clothing in one place, and the Pinto Storage Bench is ideal for blankets, bedding and towels.

Say no to Fido

Sorry but much as we love your loyal friend Fido, Tiddles the cat or even Dave your goldfish, the bedroom should be out of bounds for pets. Jokes aside, the sleep patterns of your pet are polyphasic – they like to sleep little and often throughout each 24-hour cycle. The background noise they cause will distract your natural sleep cycle and cause you to have a night of broken sleep; bad for well-being, bad for productivity and bad for us monophasic (that’s once in a 24-hour period) sleepers.

Get the light right

Blinds or curtains are an important part of any bedroom. Any light coming through will disturb a good night’s sleep, even if you’re not aware of it. Plus thin curtains or ill-fitting blinds can let outside noise in too. Blackout curtains are a wonderful way to ensure that the room stays dark until you want to let the light in yourself. They don’t need to look ugly either – these Orangerie Curtains are light and bright, and with the right backing material they can keep you asleep for longer.

Laying down the facts


Now, you might have the most stunning bedroom furniture around, and you might have paid a fair few pounds for it, but if you’ve forgotten one of the most important aspects of the whole thing then it’s money wasted: the mattress.

A good mattress can be the difference between waking every hour and staring at the ceiling (assuming you got to sleep in the first place) and sleeping all through the night to awaken fresh and well rested. Experts say it’s better to spend most of your bed budget on the mattress rather than the bedframe, and with the new generation of Tempur and memory foam mattresses available there is no reason why you can’t find the perfect one for you. Some of them are surprisingly inexpensive, meaning you’ll have money left over for some impressive bedroom furniture like the Wokingham Bedroom Range, pictured above.

If you’re looking for the perfect night’s sleep, give us a call on 01252 325525. We have one of Surrey’s largest furniture showrooms and we’ll be happy to help you shape your bedroom into a sleeping paradise.

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