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Great artwork displays for your masterpieces

Whether you’re a painter, a collector or just someone with a passion for art, finding ways to display your finds around your home is key to making the most of it. Art that is well placed, thoughtfully displayed and properly showcased will feel worth far more than its value and provide opportunities to you to enjoy it every day. There are lots of individual ways to display artwork – here are five great artwork displays.

Be bold

If you have one huge canvas or artwork that has spent years hidden away as it just seems to huge and bold to display then dust it down and hang it. Large pieces can work in spaces that are small  -or sizeable – as long as you hang them in the right place. Particularly in smaller rooms, hang large artwork as the only piece in the room. Placed on a clean wall in a room with simple furniture, large artworks can make an impressive statement.

Colorful modern art gallery

Forgo the glass

Particularly when you’re dealing with vintage artwork or very textural pieces, sometimes the glass ruins the effect and appreciation. Glass gathers dust, it can reflect the sunlight and change the way the artwork behind it appears and it’s also very expensive to use, especially for bigger pieces. Many artworks look better ‘naked’ – vintage maps, for example, are far better displayed in hanging bars than behind a glass frame and mounted canvas often looks better left as it is. You can create a less formal feel with artwork that isn’t stuck behind glass and bring another dimension to a room.

world map artwork


There’s something rather magical about making a story from your artwork and that’s just the effect that stacking it has. The eye moves from one piece to the next, examining each one and also the relationship between the one just seen and the one currently being appreciated. Stacking works best with small to mid sized pieces and it’s often a good idea to use frames of the same colour unless you want to achieve an eclectic final effect. This is a great trick to use next to vertical lines, such as a door frame or beside a tall piece of furniture, such as a bookcase.

Go off grid

Many people display their artwork in a grid aesthetic that is almost mathematically precise. However, if you’re grouping pieces together sometimes it is softer and easier to appreciate the art if it’s not displayed in cold straight lines. Make sure those pieces you’re grouping have a similar colour palette so that it doesn’t feel like a haphazard mess but other than that you can arrange as you please.

Grid artwork

Give it plenty of light

If you can’t find the right spot for a piece of artwork that already has great light then consider introducing some. Pin spotlights directed onto artwork provide plenty of emphasis and ‘wall washers’ will light up the entire wall, not just an individual piece. You can also try a simple table lamp – positioned below the right artwork this can look stunning.

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