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Great fireside chairs for your humble abode

Great fireside chairs have been around for several hundred years and doesn’t look as if it’s going anywhere soon. The wing back chair (also known as the fireside chair, grandfather chair or Queen Anne chair) has been a stalwart of period dramas since time immemorial, but it’s still as popular today, particularly when it comes to Georgian or Victorian interior design. Then again, such a chair is often a focal point in a contemporary setting when upholstered in striking or lavish fabric. Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg chair is a mid-century re-design of the wing back chair, for instance.

So-called because of its large ‘wings’ on either side, this high-backed chair will today still protect the sitter from draughts or too much heat radiating from the fireplace. In the 19th century, such antique fireside chairs were often upholstered in leather and padded with horsehair in the 21st century they tend to be stuffed with more conventional wadding such as foam.

Fireside chairs are still to be found in sitting rooms these days, although not necessarily in front of a roaring fire thanks to the introduction of central heating. They are also popular chairs for bedrooms and hallways. Here is our pick for 3 great fireside chairs:

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Traditional fireside chair

Classic in design, with a sense of the austere, thanks to all that beautiful black leather, scroll arms and the chair’s buttoned seat back, the Wentworth Fixed Leg Leather Chair is for considering the state of the world in, while relaxed, drink in hand and with ones feet nestling on the equally soft leather upholstered matching footstool. Priced at around £599 for the chair and £249 for the footstool, there are also matching two-seat settee and recliner versions.

Vale Furnisher's great fireside chairs - Wentworth Fixed Leg Leather Suite

Country cottage fireside chair

Lovely to look at with its bright, cheery and elegant upholstery, the Cintique Winchester High Seat Chair boasts a frame of solid Ash wood and comes with the option of side panels. This more feminine chair is available in a range of fabrics to ensure it complements your existing décor. Ideal for a vintage or country cottage interior.  Other matching items in the collection from this century-old Nottinghamshire firm known for its high-quality craftsmanship,  include a footstool, two seater sofa and a smaller chair.

Winchester High Seat Chair by Cintique

Mid-century fireside chair

Beautiful in its design and structurally stunning, the Ercol Renaissance Piccola Easy Chair is stylish and fun. The company, which is 96 years old and based in Buckinghamshire, is renowned for its craftsmanship and quality furniture.

Their Renaissance fireside chair, with its contemporary, mid century and even a Scandi look – and with piped detailing on the cushions – is available in up to 100 different upholstery fabrics. Meanwhile, those considering the Renaissance chair with its high-quality solid ash wood frame and lovely curved appearance can choose from six different wood finishes to ensure it blends in with the rest of their home. Then there is the possibility of matching it up with the Renaissance footstool for the ultimate in comfortable upright relaxation – regardless of whether or not there is a fire anywhere in sight.

Renaissance Piccola Easy Chair by Ercol


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