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Great workspaces, better environment

You can’t throw a stone that far these days without coming across yet another piece of research that says the way your workspace is organised – and the atmosphere it creates – has a significant effect on your productivity. From the comfort of your seating, to the view you have and the way you stack your shelves, the design of a workspace can really help or hinder what you do. Need ideas on great workspaces? Great start – here are 7 work spaces to aspire to:

Minimal and well-organised

Just looking at this workspace makes you want to be productive. Although there are pops of colour to engage the eye there is nothing too distracting and the simple, clean lay out generates feelings of calm. Everything is within easy reach in this well organised space, from your coffee, to the light switch and pen pot – there are no barriers to getting started.

Contemporary workspace with computer

Bold shades

While many of us assume that white walls are the only option for a productive workspace that’s just not the case. Other colours can help to uplift and inspire us too. Choose a yellow for your walls like this workspace for somewhere that feels warm and inviting or opt for the cool, calm of a shade of green to aid concentration. It’s just as important that you find the right desks to compliment the colours.

modern teenage workspace

Characterful and calm

One of the best ways to make your workspace a productive one is to fill it with things that will trigger your imagination and make you feel inspired. This workspace has the perfect combination of a clear, uncluttered space and pieces of art that are full of character and perhaps mean something to the occupant. While a workspace shouldn’t be messy and overfilled, that doesn’t mean it needs to be impersonal.

Home office with vintage desk

Desk-less space

Does a productive workspace always need a desk? Not necessarily. You may find that productivity comes more naturally in a comfortable chair or even perched on the floor. What is important is that you have everything you need within easy reach, whether that’s a telescope, reference books or the space to try things out. Finding the best chair can make all the difference.

Modern interior in a beautiful house

The importance of light

Natural light is 100% key for productivity, perhaps even more so than anything else. Without natural light our brains can’t function properly and productivity levels drop. A workspace with plenty of natural light like this one helps focus, concentration and general contentment too. Studies have shown that those working in a space filled with natural light score higher on tests and sleep better (another essential function for productivity) than those in windowless rooms relying on artificial light.

studio workplace

The chair counts

For many of us, productivity involves sitting and that’s why the office chair is such an important part in creating great workspaces. Do you need a little support? Must your chair be comfortable and relaxing? Do you require a chair that can recline? Pick your chair wisely and your productivity can go up.

office work space chair

Your own style

Ultimately, you need to feel at home in your workspace to be efficient and that means giving it your own personal style. Whether that’s a bold yellow sofa, an easel or statement interiors touches such as the overhanging light in this stylish room, make the space your own to be more productive in it.

Contemporary Studio Design (panoramic)

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