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Harrison Beds – An Insight

Harrison Beds - Free and Easy Breeze 3000 Divan Set

Renowned for producing luxurious and extremely high-quality products which guarantee a good night’s sleep, Harrison Beds is one of the oldest and most prestigious artisan bed makers in the UK.

Based in North Yorkshire, this family-run firm – which was established as far back as 1889 – is still going strong after five generations of Harrison’s have been at the helm. It describes itself as a ‘sleep tailor,’ and can cite clients the length and breadth of the UK, as well as in Europe.

Having picked up many awards for their ‘spring with a spring’ luxury and innovative pocket sprung mattress system, Harrison’s are undoubtedly one of the leading hand-made bed makers in the country today. They are also a founding member of The Sleep Council.

Their luxury pocket sprung mattresses have an astounding eight miles of wire in each bed. They come with a huge choice of fabrics, including cashmere, silk, mohair, Egyptian cotton (with its strong wicking properties) and horsehair for luxury layering. There are also various options when it comes to mattress strength, storage and, of course, headboards.

Many Mattresses Choices

Harrison Beds - Pure Performance Heligan Divan

All the mattresses and upholstery produced by Harrison Beds have natural fillings. In fact, the wool fibres are grown by their own sheep on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire where they employ farmers to manage them. The sheep breeds are Texel, Mule, Suffolk and Zwartbles, breeds which are known for their natural soft, springy and sumptuously textured wool, and which also contains anti-bacterial and natural fire-retardant properties. Other fibres used in the mattress fillings are absorbent and hygienic hemp and light, breathable flax –both also grown on the farm.

The company have produced three separate ranges of mattress – Seasonal Turn, No Turn or Pillow Top. Seasonal Turn mattresses have a warm woollen blend surface on one side and a summer-loving cool cotton blend on the other. Those with back problems may prefer the No Turn mattress which doesn’t need switching while the sleeper who revels in luxury will undoubtedly opt for the Pillow Top, containing layers of miniature springs for extra comfort and support.

Still on mattresses, there are three different levels of support – gently supportive, medium support and firm support. These are created in the factor by varying the tension in the spring (two different support styles can even be built into the one bed at either side).

Centuries-Old, Skilled Artisan Craftsmanship

Harrison Beds - Pure Performance Hampton Divan Set

It’s not only mattresses that are produced by hand. The bed frames, headboards, and divans are also hand crafted. As well as joinery, skills include upholstery (for the headboards), meticulous hand turfing using a 12-inch needle (in the case of the mattresses) and engineers (for the mattress springs).

Here at Vale Furnishers we are proud to reveal that we have one of the largest and most impressive selections of Harrison Beds in the UK. Here you can choose between a selection of from pillow top mattresses to box tops, performance divans and ‘free and easy’ No Turn mattresses. Why not get one specially designed just for you?

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