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Ever wondered why everything in your neighbour’s house seems to match so perfectly? How they’ve managed to find just the right size furniture for their space and how they got the curtains to co-ordinate so beautifully with the sofa and the wallpaper on that accent wall in the lounge? Well, chances are they didn’t work it all out themselves but rather hired the services of an interior designer.


There are many pluses to getting a professional in when it comes to styling your home. Sure it does cost – you can expect to pay between £40 to £50 an hour for the services of an interior designer. But, let’s face it, you spend so much time in your home that the service will pay for itself in a matter of months or even a year. Here’s why we always opt for an interior designer when it comes to restyling a room:

They know where to source items

Your interior designer will have established a network of suppliers over the years so she or he will know the best places to get quality furniture and furnishings. Chances are they’ll also be able to negotiate a discount.

They have software to show you how it’ll look

You don’t have to worry about whether a certain sofa will work with the wallpaper you fancy because your interior designer will be able to map it all out for you on screen, and in 3D, using CAD software. They will also bring a mood board with them so you can try out various combinations before you buy.

They’ll chase up items when you don’t have the time

If you’re working full-time and have a family to look after then chances are you won’t be able to spend hours on the phone trying to find out why the sofa that was supposed to arrive last week didn’t – and where it is now.

They won’t pay list price

Because they’ve worked with materials and furniture suppliers for years they’ll know how much items are supposed to cost. They’ll also be able to ensure that fitters are doing their job properly because they’ll be aware of how the curtains and mirrors etc are supposed to hang.

So where can you find this marvellous person who is going to make your abode worth living in? Well, the British Institute of Interior Design will be able to supply you with a list of qualified professionals (all of whom will – importantly – have professional indemnity insurance so that if anything goes wrong with your project you won’t be out of pocket).

Don’t just go for the first name you see who lives locally though. Put the job out to tender and interview at least three designers on the list. It’s important to know what type of person they are ie the type who will listen to what you want or will have fixed ideas and override yours.

Expect them to ask you what you’ll be using the room you want designed for and how you want it to feel (ie cosy, tranquil etc). They’ll also want to know how much of a budget you have.

Planning your décor with an interior designer should be fun as well as informative. And don’t see it as an indulgence, but rather a necessary luxury. Enjoy!

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