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Home Office Storage Furniture to Inspire

Your home office is your kingdom – this is where important decisions are made, where financial costings are calculated, where emails are written and phone calls are conducted. It needs to be clear and uncluttered because a clear and uncluttered room is much more conducive to a productive working environment. But how to keep all of your files, books, folders and paperwork neat and tidy and still be able to find it when it is needed? Here’s our home office storage furniture to get you started.

The Bookcase

home office storage furniture - Tomasella - Atlante Modular Storage

Bookcases. Bookcases are an easy to install piece of storage that can hold a number of different items – and plenty of them. Plus they can look incredibly stylish and interesting. The great thing about a bookcase such as the Atlante is that because it is modular, you can has as many or as few shelves as you need to make your room tidy and clutter free. It’s not just books that can be kept here either; what about ornaments and photo frames too?

The Shelves

Tom Schneider - DNA Whole Twist Shelves

And, when thinking of bookcases, why not think of shelving too? We’re not talking a piece of MDF from B&Q here; when we say shelving we really mean something that is more like a work of art than a piece of office furniture. Take the DNA Whole Twist Shelves by Tom Schneider, for example. This is undeniably cool, yet completely usable. Shelves have never really been able to make a statement about your own personality before, but thankfully the times have changed and now they most certainly can.

The Desk

Bradley - Classic Bureau

The desk in any office is probably always going to be the main feature, and there’s not much getting away from the fact that this is where the work happens, so this is where most of the mess is going to be. Or is it? The eye may be drawn to your desk, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it’s not necessarily just because it’s covered in piles and piles of paper and stationery. It could be that the desk is so clever (like the Classic Bradley Bureau that no one can keep their eyes away from it. A desk with a lot of storage is a wonderful thing, and desk that can close up completely when you’re not working, shutting away the laptop (and possibly the mess) is even better.

Vale Furnishers - Vale Oak Corner Desk

And if space is tight, have you considered a corner desk? Made to fit perfectly in the corner of your room, these units can slot away neatly yet still have all the space you need to use them efficiently. They rid the room of any ‘wasted space’ but add a certain impressive style to it. A desk such as the Vale Oak Corner Desk with its curves and straight lines which define chic elegance could work very well.

The Filing Cabinets

Vale Furnishers - Swerve CC201 3 Drawer Pedestal

Filing cabinets are dull beasts, aren’t they? They sit there, in black or grey, hulking in the corner and looking pretty unsightly in your otherwise funky functional office. But they don’t have to. Those old cabinets are things of the past, and if you need a unit that will not only look the part but play their part, look no further than a modern filing cabinet. A great example is the Swerve 3 Drawer Pedestal – this is exactly the kind of unit that won’t look glaringly out of place but that will allow you to file everything away in one place.

The Media Unit

Vale Furnishers - Carlson Media Storage Unit

Now, perhaps your office isn’t all work and no play – perhaps you have a few (a lot) of CDs and DVDs in there with you too; after all, you need to take a break sometimes. But all those discs can get rather messy, and piling them up in a normal sort of drawer won’t work – they’ll just fall over, and then you’ll need to start all over again. So how about using a specially designed dedicated media storage unit? It’s the ideal solution, and they can look particularly elegant too (take the Carlson Media Storage Unit, for example ).

The Room Divider

Vale Furnishers - Eclectic Panel screen

Finally, when it comes to home office storage furniture is there a better solution than the room divider? Using one of these (take a look at the Eclectic Panel Screen) to break a room up means you can keep your office space and your ‘not so office space’ completely separate. And if one part of the room is a bit of a mess… just hide it away!

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