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Man Cave ideas for you to try

The Man Cave. While it seems like the most 21st century of inventions, the idea behind it has been around for centuries. Gentleman’s clubs, studies and the old shed at the end of the garden all play on the idea of a space that is just for men, filled with ‘man things’ and out of bounds to everyone else in the house. It’s somewhere to retreat, to be solitary and to leave the cares of the world behind for a few precious hours. So, what really makes a Man Cave?

A serious armchair

Anywhere that you’re planning to sit and contemplate the world needs some serious seating, which is why an armchair is a Man Cave essential. Choose a fine leather armchair for that classic vintage feel in ultimate comfort or opt for something sleek and contemporary instead. Your armchair is the anchor for a Man Cave so don’t skimp.

A sign

Every male needs to mark his territory and that makes some Man Cave signage essential to ensuring you are undisturbed at all times. You may want a simple and informative sign, you may want to combine this with a gentle warning – whatever option you choose just make sure it’s prominently placed to keep unwanted visitors to a minimum.

Entertainment unitsman cave furnishing tips

For many men the Man Cave is somewhere to go and indulge in TV sports of all sorts – especially if the rest of the house is not that keen on football, rugby etc. A comprehensive entertainment unit is therefore an essential to house the wide screen TV, DVD, cable TV box, console games and anything else that counts as entertainment to the owner of the Man Cave.

A novelty fridge

Whether you have a walk in beer cooler, a fridge disguised as a sideboard or one that you have converted to include a tap to pour another pint without even opening the door, a novelty fridge is a Man Cave essential. Anything humorous, excessive or emblazoned with beer logos will probably do.

Artwork of your choiceman cave art

When you live with other people there are inevitably compromises when it comes to decorating interiors and often that comes down to what you can put on the walls. The bonus of the Man Cave is that all four walls of it are yours to do as you wish with so you can select the kind of photography or artwork you maybe wouldn’t have elsewhere in the house. Perhaps it’s super cheesy inspirational phrases or something risqué or surreal – use the man cave as somewhere for self expression as well as retreat.


You won’t always want to be alone in your Man Cave and so games are essential when the lads are looking for live entertainment. Table football, old arcade games, a chess board or a card table are all options for the Man Cave that has just about everything. If you really want to go all out then install a snooker table too.

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  • Hamilton Billiards

    Man cave is not a man cave without games, table tennis and table football are popular choices as well as pool tables to add a bit of fun!

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