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Memory Foam Pillow

Tempur - Original Pillow

Firstly, before we go any further, you may be wondering what a memory foam pillow is. Well, using similar technology to the mattresses where the fabric moulds to the shape of the body, the pillow does likewise with your head. It achieves this by increasing the density and viscosity in the foamed polyurethane filling by means of altering the size of the bubbles which the air can move through.

Considering we all spend roughly up to one third of our lives sleeping, if you haven’t already tried a memory foam pillow then it’s worth reading through the following guide to find out if this new pillow technology everyone is talking about could possibly improve your night time slumbers too:

Cushioning Created for Astronauts

Tempur was the first company to develop memory foam technology. They originally created it for US space company NASA who were keen on increasing the safety of cushions for astronauts in space.

Why memory foam pillows work

Tempur - At Home Universal Pillow

Shaped either like a typical rectangular pillow or contoured to fit the neck and head, the memory foam version is soft, smooth and marketed on the basis that it provides pressure relief (so it’s excellent if you have problems with your neck). The higher the density, the softer the pillow.

Note: back sleepers fare best with a thin pillow which raises the head slightly (since they need to support the spine), side sleepers need a thick mattress while those who prefer to sleep on their stomach need the thinnest pillows of all (to prevent suffocation).

Memory foam pillows are durable and for some individuals have provided them with the best sleep they have ever experienced in their lives. However, the high density can make the pillow pretty warm compared to standard pillows. This is great in winter but obviously, not quite as welcome in summer.

The pillows also have a fixed height – which can be awkward if you tend to move around a lot when you sleep (ie from back to side then front etc). In other words, a memory foam pillow won’t suit everyone. They can also be quite heavy and are more expensive than traditionally filled pillows, so more suited for the master bedroom rather than the guest room.

Examples of memory foam pillows

The Fine Bedding Co - Traditional Memory Foam Pillow

Here at Vale Furnishers one of the more popular manufacturers of memory foam pillows that we stock is The Fine Bedding Com. They have a variety of such products including a Traditional Memory Foam Pillow, fitted with a removable cotton velour cover or a Dual Support Memory Foam Pillow. In the case of the 100 per cent cotton Dual Support version you have a choice of pillow surfaces with the memory foam technology on one side and microfiber on the other.

Buying memory foam pillows

The Fine Bedding Co - Dual Support Memory Foam Pillow

It’s important to get a memory foam pillow from a reputable dealer (as fakes have been found). The cost of the pillows will vary with size in the sense that a king size will obviously be more expensive than a double. However, it’s not necessary to buy two king sizes memory foam pillows for such a bed – you could always buy three double sized memory foam pillows instead, one two memory foam and one standard pillow etc. (This is where a chat with our sales team at Vale Furnishers can really help).

Meanwhile, in order for a memory foam pillow to be 100 per cent successful it should really be combined with a memory foam mattress.

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