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Minimalist home designs for the minimalists

For many of us who are fond of art and all our little decor accessories, achieving a minimalist look can prove extremely difficult. There’s all those choices to be made for starters – what to keep, what to throw etc. And we don’t want to go too far and end up with ‘bare and stark’ rather than ‘uncluttered and minimalist.’ One way to focus on the task in hand – and get it right straight off – is to fast-forward to how calm and serene our homes will feel at the end of it all. And we can’t stress how lovely that will be considering our electronically over-stimulated lives these days. So, think white walls, lots of space and several quality items. The more space there is in your rooms, the better to appreciate those lovely crafted pieces after all. For inspiration here’s some of our favourite minimalist home designs and tips on how to achieve them.

Less is more, Accessorise

First up, the dining room in this Amsterdam apartment is saved from being too stark by the interesting tabletop accessory and the piece of horizontal artwork on the wall. The lack of the rug keeps it minimalist while the chairs themselves are modern, high-quality items (and which nicely match the pendant lamp).



Isn’t there just something so calming about the following bedroom? The clean white walls, wooden flooring and organic natural textures give the viewer a  sense of serenity. If you are looking for a chill out space like this, maybe our Tomassella Athena bedroom range is for you?
Schlafzimmer-eklektisch-Hanfteppich-Erdtne (1)

Swiss Style


Staying with bedrooms, the owner of this Swiss apartment  stripped away the old wallpaper then re-plastered and texturised the walls. He added some beautifully-made and functional furniture in order to give his new home an overall ‘sanctuary feel.’ We reckon he’s achieved exactly that in both his bedroom and kitchen.

Stand out by staying neutral


Thanks to a similar ‘sand-coloured’ neutral colour scheme in this beach house sitting room, the floorboards and furniture all fade into one another, creating an excellent neutral backdrop for the stand-out richly-coloured teal chair.


Other tips to get a minimalist look include:

  • Removing handles from cupboard doors, especially with kitchen cabinetry, and replacing them with push-open fittings instead.
  • Keep some colour – just make sure it’s there in small doses, and try to keep the same accent shade throughout.
  • Consider hanging a large abstract art work on the wall to add colour and interest to a room which otherwise shares similar tones of the same shade.
  • Sheer white curtains, which stretch from ceiling to floor, look especially good in a minimalist sitting room or bedroom.
  • Using shades of grey and white with wood is perfect for a contemporary minimalist look.
  • For those who prefer a neutral shade with a bit of a tone try cream, beige and khaki, or white with a touch of pastel green, soft blues or lavender.
  • When it comes to fabrics, minimalist means neat and nicely tailored rather than  frills and frippery.
  • A place for everything, and everything in its place.  Make sure you have ample storage to hide away your things – this is a particular truism for a minimalist kitchen where the counters should remain bare.

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