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How to utilise mirror interior design to your advantage

We are all familiar with household mirrors – steamed up in the bathroom, full length in the bedroom, perhaps glanced at in the hall as you rush out of the door. However, mirrors are not just a practical item but can also be a design feature that adds another dimension to a room. The right choice of mirror can bring character, atmosphere, innovation and elegance – and, if carefully positioned, can work miracles with space and light. Here are some important mirror interior design to consider:

Aleal dunes mirror

Place a light in front of a mirror

Whether you use a chic candle, a simple table lamp or a cosy bedside light, placing a mirror behind a light source instantly magnifies its effect. Use this clever trick to bring more light into dark corners or introduce a bit of subtle electric magic into rooms that need a lift.

Position a mirror opposite a window

This is one of the oldest design tricks in the book, hang a mirror opposite a window to effectively create another window in a room that needs more light. The mirror will reflect both the views and the natural light, turning a plain wall into something much more airy and interesting.

Use mirrors to create an infinite effect

Perhaps you have a design feature that deserves magnifying, or a piece of art you want to maximise the use of – mirrors are a great tool for showcasing the best features of your home. Position two mirrors carefully across from one another and you can achieve a repeat effect of your favourite views – the reflection in one mirror will repeat the other into infinity.

Try a mirrored wall

In general, mirrors that cover entire walls aren’t a great idea as they can be disorientating and look dated. However, you can create a far more subtle wall of mirrors as a fun design feature by using a number of separate mirrors, each one with its own frame. The mirrors will each reflect a different angle, bringing something extra and unusual to the space.

A 360-degree view

Whether it’s an ornate chair back or the other side of a flower arrangement, mirrors come in very useful when you want to open up a 360-degree view of something. Position the mirror behind the item, tilt it at the right angle and you’ll reveal some (perhaps not all) of the other side, adding another dimension and showing off something you love all of.

© Matthias Buehner
Not just about space…

Reflect a huge amount of light with full length mirrors

Add floor to ceiling mirrors for more space

If you wish you had another room, but you simply don’t have the floor space, then create the reflection of one instead with a carefully positioned mirror. A floor to ceiling mirror adds another dimension, can reflect a huge amount of light and will create the illusion of another room, making your space feel bigger. Place opposite a doorway or adjacent to a window to double the number of features you have.

Frame furniture

Placing a mirror behind a piece of furniture can give it stature, particularly in a small space where it might otherwise look out of place. Choose a mirror that is roughly the same width as the furniture piece and you will create an instant backdrop for it that makes your chair, cabinet or table look purposeful and part of a careful design scheme.


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