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Office Chairs Buying Guide – How to Choose

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Welcome to out office chairs buying guide.

We all want our work space to look great, especially if it’s a home office, but optimum comfort is an absolute must too. Here at Vale Furnishers, we stock a range of office chairs which utilise the latest technology to provide the comfort and support you need to maintain proper sitting posture throughout the working day, and the stylish design values you’ve come to expect.

Our office chairs buying guide is designed to help you find the right office chair, the one best suited to you, which is why we’ve produced this handy buyer’s guide for those looking for a chair which will help to provide you with the ideal working environment in which to get the job done.

You can view our full range of office chairs here.

Office chairs: Points to Consider

A good office chair should be designed to counteract, as far as possible, the negative implications of being seated for extended periods. After all, the human body far prefers physical activity to sitting at a desk all day, so the pressure this places on our joints and muscles is bound to make itself felt sooner or later.

Designers of good quality office furniture are well aware of this, which is why various techniques and features have evolved in the construction of office chairs which go a long way towards mitigating these effects. Some features to look out for include:

Adjustable Back and Arm Rests


The backrest of your office chair should allow you to maintain your back’s natural ‘S’ shape, supporting the ‘lumber’ of your lower back. It should also be of sufficient height to allow you to lean back to stretch in comfort. Arm rests provide additional support for your shoulders and back.

Adjustable Seat


All office chair seats should allow you to adjust the height of your chair. As a guide, your seat should be just below your own knee height when standing. High end office chairs can also have a seat ‘slide’ which enables you to move you seat back and forth horizontally. This allows you to ensure that it is possible to sit against the backrest without the edge of your seat pressing on the backs of your knees.

Swivel Base with Moveable Castors


If your office chair doesn’t move freely, your body has to instead. This puts additional strain on your joints and muscles, resulting in impaired comfort and possible injury. A well-designed office chair base will swivel so that you can turn easily, and will be on castors which allow you to shift your position. Five star bases provide proper stability, and it should be possible to exchange plastic castors (which are most suited to carpeted flooring) for softer alternatives which are more suited to hard floors.

Material and Design


While the material used to upholster your office chair will have a hugely significant impact on its appearance, it is also important to consider how it impacts on the degree of comfort you can achieve, especially in terms of temperature.

If the fabric is breathable and allows air to circulate, your chair will naturally maintain the appropriate temperature. A great way of accomplishing this is to use ‘mesh’ style fabric, however clever design techniques such as using gaps or ridges can achieve a similar effect.

Why buy from us?

Based near Guildford, Vale Furnishers are one of Surrey and Hampshire’s leading furniture shop specialists. Vale Furnishers was established in 1960, and as a family business, we’re proud of our reputation and the excellent furniture we sell. What’s more, the comfort and productivity of our staff is of vital importance to us, which is why many of our superb office chairs are tested in-house. So insist on excellence, and invest in a fantastic office chair which offers style, quality and the comfort you need to be at your best.

Do you have any questions not covered in this office chairs buying guide?
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