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Office desk buying guide

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Welcome to the office desk buying guide.

Perhaps more than any other piece of furniture, choosing a desk which functions exactly how you need it to is vital. And from traditional country-style bureaus and writing tables, to sleek, Italian-designed glass desks, the level of choice we have on offer is truly remarkable. So to help you decide which desk is right for you, we’ve put together this informative office desk buying guide.

Things to consider

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If your desk is going to be part of your regular workspace, having well-organised storage for all your files and office equipment is an absolute must. Similarly, if you plan to use a desktop PC, your desk will need accommodate all the associated cables and components. It is also important to ensure that your desk is large enough to provide adequate leg room beneath it, and to minimise clutter.

If, on the other hand, you plan to use your desk just occasionally, for example when paying bills or writing personal emails, you may want it to take up as little space as possible. In such cases, it also makes sense to choose an unobtrusive design which blends in well with your existing furniture.

At Vale Furnishers, we have a broad range of desks and associated furniture available, so you’re sure to find the ideal desk for you. Desks available include:

Stand-alone desks

Ideal for homeowners who do not want a desk which will dominate a room, stand-alone desks are available in all manner of styles and sizes. If you have a generous hallway, an alcove, or a little-used space under a staircase, the addition of a well-designed desk can be a clever way of creating a useful study area.

Modular desks

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A great way of furnishing a larger workspace which offers the ultimate in flexibility. Modular desks can be combined with cabinets and shelving units according to your specific needs. It is also possible to add units at a later date should your requirements change, or use units individually if you downsize your office space.

Corner desks

An ideal way of making the most of limited space, corner desks can also be used alongside modular units. Popular with those who work from home, they are also a great way of ‘zoning’ larger rooms by designating a particular corner as an office space.

Materials (Pros and Cons)

We offer a huge selection of styles in a variety of different materials, including solid wood, wood veneer, and sturdy tempered glass. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide which is most likely to work for you:

Solid Wood



  • Classic style which will mature with age
  • Minor damage can be easily repaired
  • Offers durability you can rely on for many years.


  • Expect to pay more
  • Heavier than some alternatives.

Wood Veneer



  • Classics looks for a lower price
  • Sharp lines.


  • More susceptible to cosmetic damage.

Tempered Glass



  • Striking, cutting-edge design
  • Highly suited to modern offices.


  • Expect to pay more
  • Requires frequent cleaning.

Why buy from us?

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Based near Guildford, Vale Furnishers are one of Surrey and Hampshire’s leading furniture shop specialists. Vale Furnishers was established in 1960, and as a family business we take pride in our impeccable reputation and the exceptional furniture we sell. What’s more, the comfort and productivity of our staff is of vital importance to us, so we only stock office furniture which meets our own exacting standards. So insist on excellence, and invest in a top quality office desk which has been expertly designed to meet your needs in style. We hope this office desk buying guide has helped you in your decision making when it comes to buying office desks.

Do you have any questions not covered in this office desk buying guide?
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