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Romantic bedroom ideas consider

If you feel like romantic bedroom ideas are hard to come by, then there is plenty that you can do to rectify this. Whether you’re looking to create a better atmosphere to attract a new romance, or to breathe new passion into a long time shared room, with a few simple touches you can turn any space around. Here are some important romantic bedroom ideas to bear in mind.

old loft apartment bedroom lid by candle lights - Schlafzimmer in Altbau Wohnung im kerzenlicht


Colour plays a key role in the atmosphere in any room but particularly in the bedroom. Opt for softer shades of deep red and warm pink on curtains and bed linen and steer clear of cold blues or arrogant purples, which are thought to have a detrimental effect on a room’s occupants, romance-wise. Some of the most romantic bedrooms are colour natural – beige and sand, light coffee and pale peach have a similarly warm effect if you’re not keen on the pink or red colour palette.


The more textural a room is, the more romantic it feels so steer clear of bland, samey fibres and materials and spice up your style instead. Silk and satin bring a luxurious sense of romance to the bedroom – if you think silk sheets are a bit of a cliché then apply this fabric to scatter cushions and throw pillows, even a sensuous eiderdown. Steer clear of anything that feels too rough to the touch and choose fabrics like faux fur, chiffon, velvet and the softest of cottons instead.


evening bedroom in old loft apartment downtown - Bett in alter Loft Wohnung im Kerzen Licht

Possibly the most important element of creating romance is the light – candlelight is romantic, overhead strip lighting is not. Introduce some lower lighting into your bedroom, whether via a new bedside table lamp or dimmer switches, so that it feels like a cocooning and relaxed place to be. You might want to think about well placed candles – position them in front of a mirror for maximum effect – or invest in some fairy lights as they have an impossibly romantic twinkle, no matter what style they come in.

The bed

As well as the colour of the bed linen, pay some attention to the quality you opt for too. A thin duvet or too few pillows doesn’t create the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to lounge around gazing into the eyes of your other half. Choose plump cushions and full, luxurious duvets, don’t skimp on the quality of the bed linen and avoid childish or challenging motifs (cartoon characters, spiky shapes etc). The most luxurious beds feel like you could stay in them for days so switch your mattress for a really good quality option and choose a cosy headboard.

The flooring

The bedroom is the one place where everyone is barefoot at least once a day and so flooring that feels good on your soles is a plus for a romantic room. Bring warmth by adding a thick rug or sand down wooden floors for a naturally sensual feel. If you really want to go all out with your makeover then opt for under floor heating to transform a bedroom into a space that you and your other half will never want to leave.

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