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Romo Fabric Design

A fifth-generation family company founded more than a century ago by Robert Mould, Romo is globally renowned and revered for its luxury furnishing and upholstery fabrics as well as its eclectic Romo fabric and wallpaper collections. Although incredibly successful over the decades, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the company really took charge of their own destiny by forming an in-house design team. And it’s safe to say they have never looked back.

Jonathan Mould is the current director and the Nottinghamshire HQ now boasts international offices in London, Germany, Holland and America. They also have six design houses associated with the Romo name including Zinc Textile, Kirkby Design, Villa Nova and Black Edition. Look out for the company’s new collections released every January and September.

Romo – Jessica Zoob cushions

Romo fabric - Black Edition Jessica Zoob Passion 1 Cushion in Linen

A clever collaboration between Romo’s design house Black Edition and the contemporary impressionist painter Jessica Zoob from East Sussex has resulted in an exquisite and colourful scatter cushion collection.

One of these – the artist’s Passion Collection – is a series of six paintings reflecting various seasons in a love affair eg Spring leads to anticipation and Summer is full of energy and colour. These have been digitally printed onto fine linen and would prove perfect for a bedroom or sitting room.

Romo – Kansai fabric

Romo - Kansai-Velvet-Fabric

The Kansai range offers a selection of wallpaper and fabrics celebrating flowers with a watercolour effect where the petals all appear to be rippling underwater. This gives the patterns a rather dreamy yet vibrant effect.

The print on the Kansai fabric has been digitally produced while the material is luxury cotton viscose velvet, and available in three colour shades – Zinnia, Peacock and Indium. Suitable for both curtains and furniture upholstery, this would certainly bring a lively touch to any room.

Romo – Zinc Textile cushions

Romo fabrics- Zinc-Textile-Bilbo-Cushion

Zinc Textiles produce a range of luxurious cushions in a variety of materials from faux silk and plush taffeta to velvet, plain satin and a silk blend of cotton and nylon. In other words, there are plenty of textures and styles to choose from. Silver grey herringbone would work well in a male bedroom while the lavish silver shaded two-toned blend of silk and taffeta that is the Halson cushion range should be shown off in a sitting room.

Meanwhile, we’re completely head over heels with the Zinc Textile Bilbo range. This stunning faux silk cushion comes with a metallic sheen and in a choice of vibrantly rich jewel colours.

Romo – Iroko wallpaper

Romo - Iroko-Papiro-Wallpaper

A gorgeous collection of embossed, luxury vinyl wallpapers from the Black Edition range, the Iroko collection takes classic damasks and detailed mosaics and gives them a contemporary deconstructing twist. These are wallpapers which aren’t only dramatic and beautiful to look at, but also incredible to touch.

The Iroko wallpaper collection has three designs with the Papiro a striking symmetrical pattern in a choice of six separate soothing shades and which would suit a sitting room, hallway or feature wall in a bedroom.

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