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Small Bathroom Ideas – Utilising Space

While many of us wouldn’t be happy with a tiny kitchen space or low bedroom square footage, we will often accept a smaller bathroom when it comes to making property compromises. However, if your tiny bathroom is making you feel a bit cramped – whether you’re trying to sell your home or you just want to make it feel more spacious – there are some small bathroom ideas you can use to help a small bathroom seem larger.

It’s All White

White toilet bowl in the bathroom for small bathroom ideas

You can create a serious sense of space by using white consistently throughout your bathroom. White wall paint, white fixtures and fittings and white wall tiles provide continuity and a light, bright feeling that will open up the room. As white reflects light you will also create a much more airy feel by sticking to a minimalist colour palette.

Lift Furniture Up

A clear floor makes a room feel much larger and you can achieve this by investing in furniture that ‘floats.’ Instead of standing drawers or a sink unit that stands on the floor, build in features that seem to float attached to the wall. Not only is this a great modern look but the lack of legs or ends touching the floor will bring a whole new dimension of space to a tiny bathroom.

Introduce More Light

Bathtub in corian, Faucet and shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards garden

A dark bathroom is generally not a pleasant experience but many of us feel we need to cover windows as a way to try and ensure privacy. Avoid dark coloured blinds, curtains or coverings and choose almost transparent fabrics instead so that you don’t obscure your light source. Frosted windows are another, better, alternative to heavy drapes and shades.

Place a Mirror

Aleal dunes mirror

Using mirrors in a clever way will bring a more spacious feel to every room in the house and the bathroom is somewhere this works particularly well. Place your mirror so that it reflects a light source and you will double the amount of light in the room and significantly open it up. A single wall mirror is a good choice for a blank wall close to a window, or you could invest in a number of smaller mirrors and place them side by side. This will have the same effect in terms of creating space and also make a design feature of the wall.

Downsize Your Furniture


It makes sense to have smaller furniture in a smaller room – if you fill a tiny bathroom with huge items then there will be little room for anything else. Make your bathroom feel small but perfectly formed with smart pieces that are intended for small spaces. A compact vanity unit, a sink that slots into the corner of a room, rather than sticking out in the centre, and a space saving shower are all good ideas.

Opt for an Open Look

Inside the bathroom itself, clear glass is much better alternative to frosted glass for creating space in a small environment. Choose open shelves instead of clumsy cabinets and opt for a clear shower curtain so you can see through to the wall behind when it’s not in use.

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