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Small kitchen tables – Smart dining

If you happen to have a small kitchen yet yearn for a table there that you could serve family meals on, then don’t despair. With some smart design thinking it could still be possible. Glass tables for instance, can make a small room feel larger than a wooden dining table while round tables will seat more guests. However, it’s important to know which types of glass is appropriate. A drop leaf table, of course, is perfect for this type of situation. Whether you need small kitchen tables and chairs for just you, or small kitchen tables for two, we’re here to throw a small bit of advice your way.

Read on to find our favourite kitchen tables for small spaces.

Round table and space saver chairs

Not only is the table round, but the dining chairs fit neatly underneath when not in use. The Vale Oak Round Dining Table is a must when you feel your home is definitely space-compromised when it comes to dinner parties.

This great looking table is produced from solid woodblock oak with an oiled finish. The comfortable high-backed chairs are leather and long-lasting.

Our small kitchen tables range include the Vale oak round table

Invisible table

Ingeniously produced from one single mould of transparent plastic, is the delightfully modern Kartell Invisible Dining Table. Its ‘barely there’ appearance leaves the leaves the room feeling as large as previously, yet you now have a smart surface area on which to dine.

Elegant and contemporary, the Invisible Dining Table also comes in a range of colours. What they ‘take’ from the table in terms of ‘invisibility’ they add in vibrancy and fun.

Our small kitchen tables range include the Kartell invisible dining table

Drop leaf

Probably one of the smartest moves you can make when investing in a table for a small kitchen is to opt for a something like this Tough Top Drop Leaf Gateleg Table. Not only can you use the leafs on either side to magic up an impressively decent dining table, but when they are down the table itself has a flat edge and can be pushed up against a wall, and in doing so minimise its space using capacity.

tough top kitchen collection

Extending table

The Square Sliding Top Table, from the Cirrus contemporary dining range, is a mere 85 cm yet can double to twice its length when guests are expected for dinner. The reason is the two extension leafs which are tucked neatly underneath the main body of the table. This idea provides a large dining table when necessary with the much easier navigation of a smaller version on an everyday basis. This particular table comes with a variety of oak and wood veneers as well as four different finishes.

cirrus square sliding table

Glass table

The Montpellier Table, from British furniture company HND, actually ticks two boxes in terms of fitting into a small space. There’s the fact the table top is made from glass and therefore see-through, providing it with an invisibility cloak. Secondly its round shape means it can fit into a tight corner. Tables that are curved or round rather than rectangular physically take up less space but they also feel smaller – because guests don’t have to carefully navigate around those protruding straight edges every time they want past.

With the Montpellier Table you won’t be compromising on looks either, thanks to its stunning cast iron base. It’s all very pavement café chic monsieur.

HND montpellier table

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