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The Stressless Furniture Collection

The name says it all really – Stressless. Luxury soft furnishing from this 82-year- old Scandinavian brand is guaranteed to inject both style and fabulous seating comfort into your home life.

With their very contemporary recliners certified by the American Chiropractic Association there is no doubt the Norwegian company Ekornes know what they’re about when it comes to relaxed and supportive seating. In fact, it was the firm’s designers who came up with the idea for the unique Stressless headrest system, which could be altered depending on the activity such as sleeping, reading or watching TV. The brand – which is synonymous with comfort – offers a range of corner sofas, recliner chairs, office chairs, home cinema seating, ottomans and tables.

Stressless recliner chairs

Stressless - City-Recliner-Chair

Their most iconic product yet, the Stressless recliner chairs are world famous in interior design and luxury living circles. The company claim the chair supports the entire body and adjusts itself perfectly into position via a subtle tilting mechanism based on the movements of the sitter. Referred to as the Plus System, it means the head and lower back are always in the right position, ensuring no undue stress is put on the body’s skeletal system.

The City Recliner Chair in leather is all about elegance and comfort. It’s available in 57 different leather colours and definitely wouldn’t look out of place in an office, home study or lounge. For advice on how to choose the right leather for your home, please refer to this guide.

Stressless sofas

Stressless furniture - Metropolitan-3-Seater-Sofa

Our favourite way of chilling out takes on new meaning when applied to a Stressless sofa – prepare to fall asleep even; such is the high comfort factor. With both high back and low back sofas to choose from, as well as the ability to customise your own seating area, there’s no excuse for not having the most perfect personalised chill-out zone ever. One of our favourites is the smart mid-century designed Metropolitan sofa. With its flat seat cushions, steel legs and choice of funky colours – 100 in all to choose from – this is a vibrant sofa which would prove an impressive accent shade for any room.

Stressless home cinema seating


More of us are spending an increasing amount of time at home nowadays – and no wonder when we can indulge in a home cinema seating system. Attending to our every whim, these are built to not just increase maximum comfort via the Stressless automatic body adjusting system, but also to provide innovative solutions for our popcorn and drinks so that we don’t even have to leave our seats. Ever.

Take the funky Arion collection for instance, with its sector arms and feet rests/coffee tables.

Stressless coffee tables


There are coffee tables, and then there are Stressless coffee tables/side tables. These have been designed to perfectly match the height and reach for particular sofas and recliners so that a drink or your smartphone is always within arm’s reach. Two side tables can even combine to form a larger coffee table. Then there is the incredibly handy height-adjustable flexi table in steel in glass for your PC – allowing you to work and recline simultaneously:

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