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Teenage bedroom decorating tips to consider

The teenage years are important ones. To the outsider they may be full of angst, full of pushing boundaries, full of general unhappiness, but to the teenager themselves it is a time of being able to express their true personalities – personalities that have just blossomed. So when it comes to decorating their bedroom, they may have some… different ideas about what is going to look great. That’s why it’s important for parents to get involved too; the room should be a partnership between adult and teenager. Here are our teenage bedroom decorating tips for you to think about.

Five tips for decorating your teenager’s bedroom

Choosing a colour

Firstly, the colour. What is your child’s favourite colour? Will it work for the room? The likelihood is that it will, even if you’re not sure about it. Darker colours will, of course, make the room look smaller (and darker!), but if you can lighten them up by using a paler shade, or by placing light coloured furniture up against the walls, you can stave off the darkness a little. The Ruskin bedroom furniture collection could be ideal for this kind of offsetting.

Layering colours

Once the base colour for the walls is organised, what about layering it with something more? Again, this is another good way to lighten up a room that has become dark through the paint job. You can use prints, posters, or even spray paint to create a superb and unique pattern.

Bedding shows personality

duvet cover

Bed linen can show a lot about someone’s character

The bedding that is used in a teenager’s bedroom can also be a fantastic way to show their personality. Plus, it can be changed as and when whims changed. Bedding such as the Abejorro bedroom set is bright and bold yet comforting – something all teenagers want (even if they don’t want to say that they do). Or what about the Traliccio style of duvet set? It’s retro enough to be cool and cool enough to be perfect for a teenager’s room.

Bigger bed for added comfort

large bed

The right size bed is important for your teenager’s comfort and growth

eenagers sleep a lot. They’re not being lazy, it’s a scientific fact that they actually need this much sleep. So their beds need to be comfortable places to be. By making sure that their beds are big enough to stretch out in and upgrading from a single to a double, like the Bernalda bedframe,  you can help them grow in comfort.

Workspace for their studies

As well as sleep, the teenage years are when school work – and perhaps eventually university work – becomes more intense. They should have a workspace available to them away from the rest of the house to get their homework, coursework and revision done. Something like the Bruges computer desk and filing cabinet could work extremely well.

Once the room is complete, the only problem will be getting your teenager to leave it (or indeed clean it!).

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