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Tempur Furniture – The Range

Masters when it comes to memory foam mattresses, Tempur’s first ever product was actually first tested by astronauts. Back in the early 1970s the NASA team needed cushioning during lift-off and it was the pressure absorbing material they used that 20 years later became the first-ever memory foam mattress for domestic use.

Today there are, of course, many different types of memory foam mattress on the market. However, Tempur is the only company to have the thumbs up from NASA and certification from the Space Foundation – which is pretty appropriate really when you consider the mattresses are designed to give the sleeper a feeling a weightlessness.

Here at Vale Furnishers we have a range of Tempur furniture including mattresses, beds, pillows and protectors. Take a look today.

Tempur Mattresses

This 30 year old company insist their luxurious mattresses are “soft where you want it, and firm where you need it.” That’s because they conform and adapt to each individual body shape – and in doing so, guarantee a perfect night’s sleep. They currently offer four different types of mattress – the firmer based Original, softer Cloud, more supportive Sensation and the quick responder Hybrid.

The newest version in the company’s mattress staple is the Hybrid Elite. Measuring 25cm deep, it not only provides pressure point relief but the new Precision micro coils it contains support and react instantly to movement. The soft fabric cover can be unzipped for washing. A noteworthy piece of Tempur furniture.

Tempur Beds

Divan beds, ottoman beds and adjustable beds – Tempur have your sleeping arrangements covered. Whether it’s a traditional period style bed you seek or a contemporary sleek number with tall headboard, they’re all here. The ottoman beds offer impressive storage for space-compromised rooms while the adjustable beds come with a handset to initiate movements, as well as clever massage controls.

As well as its massage delights, the Musica Adjustable Divan Bedstead also has the addition of an inbuilt high-quality sound system, complete with iPod and iPhone docking, meaning no messy wiring. The cordless remote control even has an inbuilt torch for use in the middle of the night. Speakers are fixed at the end of each headboard side and there’s a sub-woofer at the rear.

Tempur Pillows

Tempur - At-Home-Universal-Pillow

Supplying both ergonomic and traditional versions, Tempur pillows are temperature sensitive and conform to the curvature of the sleeper’s head. The ergonomic versions help align the neck, head and shoulders in a variety of sleeping positions, providing support and pressure relief and which is designed to help muscles relax. All pillows come with removable covers.

The Universal pillow is semi-circular in shape and available in two sizes – 35cm or 50cm. It can be used to ease pressure on the lower back, ankles or arms and can be positioned under the knees. Being visco-elastic it is temperature –sensitive.

Tempur mattress protectors

Tempur - Tempur-Fit-Mattress-Protector

A mattress protector may not be a particularly ‘sexy’ item to invest in, but it’s a must. Waterproof and breathable, the Tempur mattress protectors are designed to keep your bedding fresh, clean and appealing. It all helps when it comes to a restful night’s sleep…

The incredibly thin Fit Mattress Protector is designed to reduce perspiration and in doing so cut back on unnecessary tossing and turning during the night. An ‘intelligent membrane’ prevents the mattress getting wet. It can be both washed and tumble dried.

Take a look at the Tempur mattresses and beds for yourself at our Ash Vale and Farnham showrooms, both of which are in Surrey. Look online at

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