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Choosing the Tempur Products to Suit You

Tempur products - Tempur memory foam mattress

Tempur products are renowned for their great sleeping and health benefits. The only company who have received accreditation from the Space Foundation thanks to early experiments with NASA involving pressure absorbing cushions, Tempur products aim to give sleepers a sense of weightlessness. There are four different mattresses currently in the Tempur range, offering different degrees of firmness and pressure point relief. Their newest mattress – the Hybrid Elite – contains micro coils which react instantly whenever the sleeper moves position; in doing so it provides instant support all night long.

The company have a range of beds in various design styles – adjustable, divan and ottomans – as well as headboards of different heights. Some have massage controls in help initiate sleep, others contain music features.

There are four different mattresses currently in the Tempur range, offering different degrees of firmness and pressure point relief.

Their pillows are praised for being temperature sensitive and ergonomic in the sense they align the spine with the head and adjust to the sleeper – regardless of his or her position on the bed. This leads to better relaxation and ultimately a refreshing night’s sleep. Here’s our list of Tempur products to suit your sleeping style.

Tempur Ardennes

Tempur - Ardennes Divan

A modern design, the Ardennes Divan doesn’t just look good; it’s also extremely functional thanks to its choice of four drawer configurations. Available in five different colours. Priced £1049.

Tempur Cloud

Tempur - Cloud Deluxe 22cm Mattress

The new Tempur Cloud Deluxe Mattress offers three different soft mattress depths – 22cm, 27cm and 21cm. The luxurious comfort layers helps redistribute body weight which, in turn, reduces pressure points. Priced from £1069.

Tempur Deluxe

Tempur - Original Deluxe 27cm Mattress

The original Tempur Deluxe Mattress offers a firm sleep in three different depths – 27cm, 21cm and 22cm. The four layer construction features a soft touch comfort layer to induce instant relaxation. Priced from £1319.

Tempur Hybrid

Tempur - Hybrid Luxe Mattress

The Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress contains a double layer of Precision micro coils to support and react to your movements as you move around in bed. The two-tone soft fabric cover has a top which can be machine washed. Priced from £1685.

Tempur Original

Tempur - Original 21cm Mattress

With a three layer construction, the Tempur Original Mattress offers impressive support and comfort. A soft-touch layer results in instant stress removal. A range of pillows and other products match. Priced from £945.

Tempur Ottoman

Tempur - Ardennes Divan Ottoman

With a numatic gas strut mechanism for easy access to the storage underneath the bed, the Tempur Ardennes Divan Ottoman comes in five different fabric finishes and a selection of headboards. Priced £1275.

Tempur Sensation

Tempur - Sensation Deluxe 22cm Mattress

The Tempur Sensation Mattress offers the feel of a traditional spring mattress but with incredible comfort and all-over body support. Available in three different depths and with a luxury quilted cover. Priced from £1069.

Tempur Original Pillow

Tempur - Original Pillow

Available in three different sizes, the Tempur original pillow properly aligns the spine by supporting the head, neck and shoulders in order to align the spine. Can also help with breathing difficulties and snoring. Priced £99.

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