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UK Bed Sizes Guide – The Essentials

Welcome to the UK bed sizes guide, the Vale Furnishers guide to making sure you measure your bed the right way. This guide will help you choose your ideal bed size. For more information about bedsteads, divans or mattress types, please consult our other buying guides. If you have any questions, please call us on 01252 325525 and we’ll be happy to help. Our complete collection of beds can be viewed here.

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Bed size essentials

Think about space

Think about how much space you need to sleep, and how big a bed you can fit in your bedroom.

Set your budget

The bigger the bed, the more expensive it is. But price is also dependant on materials, mattress types and whether you’re purchasing a divan or a bedstead. Setting your budget helps you weigh up all these aspects.

Come and see for yourself

Our bedroom department is particularly vast, and many of our beds come in a range of sizes.

Size matters

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When choosing your ideal bed size, it’s worth taking into account the following two tips for a minimum standard of comfort:

  • Your mattress length should be at least 10cm more than the height of the tallest person using it.
  • Your mattress width should be enough to allow you to put both hands under your head without your elbows touching the edge of the mattress or the person sleeping next to you.

The four standard bed sizes


A standard single bed is 90cm wide and 190cm long. Single beds are ideal for children and teenagers, and make good guest beds. If you are tall, it may be worth considering a longer bed.


A standard double bed is 135cm wide and 190cm long. A double bed fits two people, giving you a cosy 67.5cm each. Taller people may want to consider a longer bed.


A king size bed is 150cm wide and 200cm long. It sleeps two people nicely, giving you 75cm each.

Super King

A super king size bed is 180cm wide and 200cm long. It gives two people 90cm of sleeping space each. A super king bed offers the most comfortable sleep, with minimal disturbance from your partner.

The non-standard bed sizes


Small Single

A small single bed is 75cm wide and 190cm long and is a good option for toddlers or young children where floor space is limited.

Small Double

A small double bed is 120cm wide and 190cm long. It offers plenty of space for one and fits two if you don’t mind sleeping close to your partner; each person has 60cm of sleeping space. It’s ideal if you’re pushed for space in the bedroom.

There are a number of less common sizes as well, including long singles (90cm wide and 200cm long) and Euro king size beds (160cm wide and 200cm long). A frequent source of confusion is queen size. This is actually a US term and is not a standard bed size in the UK.

How to get further help and advice

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Based near Guildford, Vale Furnishers are one of Surrey and Hampshire’s leading furniture shop specialists. Our Ash Vale showroom is home to the majority of our beds, though some of our more contemporary beds can be found in Farnham. Most can be viewed on our website. If you have any questions about what size bed would be best for you and for your home, please feel free to call us on 01252 325525.

And if you need help selecting the right style of bedstead or divan for your bedroom, you might find it useful to have a chat with a member of our Farnham-based interior design team.

UK Bed Sizes Guide Checklist

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want your bed to fit one or two people?
  • How big is your bedroom?
  • How much floor space do you need?
  • Are you buying a bed for a toddler or young child?
  • How much space do you and your partner need to sleep comfortably?
Do you have any questions not covered in this UK bed sizes guide?
Please contact our furniture experts in Surrey and Hampshire on 01252 325525 for more information.

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