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University Room Ideas – From Bleak to Brilliant

Whether your child is living in halls or sharing with friends, university accommodation is not known for its impressive aesthetics. Rooms that house students for only a year or two at a time tend to be practical and designed to withstand wear and tear, rather than provide a comfortable living environment. However, despite budget constraints and limitations imposed by landlords, there are plenty of ways to turn a rather dull university room into a cosy and productive den. Here are some university room ideas to get you inspired.

Invest In a Great Rug

university room ideas

Carpets get plenty of use in student accommodation and don’t tend to be replaced on a regular basis. Even if the room suffers from stained flooring or fabrics that have seen better days, you can still cheer it up with a simple rug. Large or small, statement shades or subtle colours, rugs can change the character of a room, as well as making the occupant feel more at home.

Set-up Some Smart Storage

Orthocare storage Divan

Everyone knows the saying ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ and habits learned during student days often filter into later working life. Make it easy for your studious offspring to get down to work by ensuring their room is equipped for it. Under-bed drawers or baskets and stacking shelves are ideal for keeping sports equipment, bed sheets and books stowed away and most landlords will allow a wall shelf or two for books and photographs. If the room is too small for a wardrobe or cupboards with doors that open outward then opt for sliders instead – and never underestimate the value of a good shoe rack.

Let There Be Light(s)


ceiling light

Good lighting is important for studying but fairy lights and electronic paper lanterns can also add warmth and personality to a uni room. You don’t have to opt for simple white fairy lights as the choices are endless, whether you want novelty chilis or elegant stars. If there aren’t enough plug sockets then choose battery powered LEDs.

Soft Furnishings


Student rooms can sometimes feel a little bare and so the addition of some cosy soft furnishings can bring a lot of comfort and warmth. Good quality bed linen will instantly lift the tone of the room and colorful scatter cushions on the bed add plenty of texture and individuality to a space that might feel a little bland. Beanbags are incredibly useful in student rooms – much easier to transport than a chair but a comfortable place to sit and study, and the perfect solution to offering visitors somewhere to perch.

It’s All About the Details!

old loft apartment bedroom lid by candle lights - Schlafzimmer in Altbau Wohnung im kerzenlicht

There may not be an option to paint or introduce lots of new furniture in student rooms but little details can make all the difference to creating a cosy den. For rooms that feel dull and lifeless, add fresh green plants in brightly coloured pots – choose hardy cacti or dramatic aloe for greens that are easy care, or opt for the exotic bromeliad, the (smaller) cousin of the pineapple – a great talking point for visitors. Candles are another simple way to add atmosphere and opting for the scented variety can disguise any problematic smells from damp walls or old trainers. Finally, don’t forget the personal touches – posters, travel snaps and fun filled photos create a warm and happy space.

Do you have more creative university room ideas that you think students should consider? Share your thoughts with us!

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