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Home Clutter Breeds Trouble

Home clutter happens. Even if you’re not a fan of the minimalist look, there’s no excuse for having a cluttered home. It’s all too easy for bits and bobs to build up to the extent it’s sometimes difficult to find a clear surface to put anything down on. And for that reason it’s a good idea to have a clean out every now and again. In fact, get into the swing of not having certain items around at all. Here’s a list of all the clutter you can banish for a clutter free home.


1. Old towels

old towels home clutter

Why do we hang on to towels until they’re thread worn? It’s not as if we don’t have stacks of unused towels in our cupboards anyway. A favourite wedding present of yore, many of us don’t even like many of the ones we were given – in which case, nip down to your local charity shop with them.

2. Candles

How many of us are guilty of sitting candles on dressing tables, sideboards and hall console tables yet never actually putting a match anywhere near them? A perfect dust collector, unless you’re actually going to get the benefit of a scented candle, bin it.

3. Reference books

Old yellow pages home clutter


Dictionaries, encyclopedias, the Yellow Pages – how often do you actually refer to these tombs cluttering up your spare room or the bookcase in the hallway? We’re guessing never. Don’t turn the perfectly good, functional rooms in your home into a clutter storage. Everyone Googles these days, it’s quicker and takes up far less space. 

4. Expired medicines

We all have bottles and cartons sitting around in drawers or medicine cabinets that are not just months, but sometimes years out of date. Clear them out and put something else in those storage places instead – preferably something that’s sitting out cluttering up a surface right now. We could, of course, include food packets and tins in here too…

5. Lidless Tupperware

The bane of many a mother when it comes to school packed lunches. Tupperware containers which don’t have lids must go in the bin. No, you’re not going to come across it one day when you’re hunting for something else in the cupboard. Don’t let it contribute to home clutter. Bin that lidless container. Now.

6. Old birthday and Christmas cards

clutter cards


Most of us have a stack of these somewhere. It seems callous to throw them out at the time – after all you’ve only ‘had’ them a few days, a week at most. But check that drawer and you’ve probably got years worth of them piling up now. How often do you re-read them? That’ll be never.

7. Obsolete technology

clutter technology

Yes, it’s hard to throw away a smart phone you no longer use and although you don’t actually have that old laptop anymore well, you might need the cable for something else one day – hence the reason you still have it taking up space in a drawer – even though deep down you know you won’t. All new technology comes with its own cable, charger etc. Throw the old stuff out.

We hope the above list, if you care to carry out some of the tenets, helps you have a tidier abode. Certainly, we’re off to do a little tidying up ourselves right now…


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