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A look into Venjakob & Wostmann cabinet systems

Do you long for a great-looking TV unit and entertainment system that completely hides your TV components, consoles, wires and leads – and still works?
There are plenty of cord and console-hiding cabinet systems out there. But what frustrates homeowners is that in order to use the equipment, all the cabinet doors have to be left open. This defeats the point. If the cabinet doors are left open, the components are no longer concealed and the units are not as attractive to look at.


There is a solution: the infrared repeater. An ingenious invention that you can see in action in the German wall units and cabinets from contemporary furniture connoisseurs Venjakob and Wostmann.

What is an infrared repeater?

An infrared repeater is a compact, inconspicuous device that extends the reach of your remote control. It’s a tiny ‘eye’ that sits below or on top of your TV and cleverly creates a signal that gets past closed cabinet doors and inside drawers. It means you can operate you DVD player, your cable box and your games and media consoles while they are completely out of sight.

German wall unit experts Venjakob and Wostmann offer infrared repeater technology with many of their living room cabinets and entertainment systems. They do this for two reasons. As contemporary furniture makers, they are always looking for ways to optimise their designs, to make them more functional, flexible and convenient to customers. Usefulness to the 21st century homeowner has always been their driving force.

But the other reason is that Venjakob and Wostmann are well-known for producing display and storage cabinets that are not just pieces of contemporary furniture. They’re works of art. Both furniture makers are keen for their customers to enjoy and appreciate the look of the units as well as their functionality.

Infrared repeaters in action: Venjakob’s Fino Cabinets and Wostmann’s NW770 Cabinets

Wostmann’s NW770 Cabinet Range is a perfect example of contemporary living room cabinets that look classy and elegant, particularly when the cabinet doors are closed. That’s when you can marvel at the eye-catching combination of solid, natural wood and bianco or smoked bronze glass fronts. The Wostmann NW770 Cabinet Range makes for a very smart and stylish home cinema system, but you lose some of the effect if you have to keep the doors open to operate your media devices.

This is why customers who purchase TV units and lowboards in the NW770 range also purchase Wostmann’s easy-to-install infrared repeater kit. It enables them to get optimal enjoyment out of the units: beauty and functionality in equal measure.

Venjakob’s Fino Wall Units and Cabinets tell a similar story. The Fino range includes display cabinets, sideboards, lowboards, wall units and entertainment cabinets, which come with solid, natural wood fronts in oiled Colorado walnut or wild oak. They are characterised by the doors and drawer fronts, which are recessed inside the frames to give the units a unique, picturesque look.

Again, the Fino is a cabinet system that’s at its best when the doors and drawers are closed and you can appreciate the sophisticated design. This is why Venjakob offers infrared repeaters with the units. Your leads, wires and media consoles can be tidily hidden away but remain completely operable.

The opulent Venjakob Andiamo Cabinet Range and stunning Wostmann NW660 Cabinet Range are more examples of German wall units and living room cabinets with infrared repeaters. Many of these ranges are displayed in Vale Furnishers’ Farnham showroom, where you’ll discover that infrared repeaters are not the only 21st century mod-cons that Venjakob and Wostmann have thought about. The units also come with optional LED lighting to accentuate your display items, and smooth push-to-open fittings that do away with the need for handles.

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