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Wooden Coffee Tables

Whether you originally intend it be or not, there is no getting away from the fact that using wooden coffee tables are excellent ways to anchor your sitting room. That same coffee table can be a statement piece, a refreshing contrast to the room’s existing furniture, or a complete and perfect match for it. What it can’t – or shouldn’t be – is a speedily-chosen after-thought because you needed somewhere to place your coffee mug.

So on that word of warning; take a look through our list of five wooden coffee tables to see which style suits your room best:


Contemporary Coffee Table

swerve- wooden coffee tables

It’s not difficult to see where the Swerve Coffee Table gets its name from: those smooth side curves are a definite give-away. Produced in either rich walnut or oak and with chrome legs, this coffee table is perfect for a sitting room with a contemporary minimalist look. It wouldn’t look out of place in a mid-century design scheme either.


Rustic Coffee Table


Those who prefer the country cottage, shabby chic or contemporary industrial look will love the Sheffield Coffee Table. Produced from reclaimed pine with black painted steel handles, it would make an impressive focal point for any room. It’s also incredibly useful in terms of storage thanks to two large drawers in which to place reading material, remote controls and other electronic devices you’d prefer not to have on show all the time.


Period Style Coffee Table


The warmth of cherry wood is perfect for this period-style Cork Long Coffee Table. With its slightly distressed look and graceful Louis-Philippe designed legs, it wouldn’t necessarily look out of place in the Palace of Versailles all those centuries ago. Good-looking and functional, it has a long bottom shelf on which to place magazines, tissues, etc.


Industrial Vintage Coffee Table


Perhaps the most striking of all furniture featured here, this Bonsai Coffee Table Cart is a unique anchor point for any room while, at the same time, staking a claim to history. That’s because original table carts were used in factories for decades as a means of transporting goods from one side of a large room to the other. Handmade by carpenters using reclaimed timber and steel, this coffee table will complement a range of interior design styles including industrial, country cottage, vintage and contemporary.


Mid-Century Coffee Table

Named after the famous and popular Carnaby Street in London’s Soho – home to one of London’s coolest locations back in the Swinging 60s, the Carnaby Walnut Coffee Table is a mix of both mid-century and Scandi design. The light wood and simplicity fits of this smart piece of furniture fits in beautifully with a Scandi look while the design is one which could have graced the very homes of top fashion designer of the time Mary Quant and rockers The Who. The coffee table’s sculpted and sturdy wooden legs provide it with the durability for a family home while the parallel shelf provides handy storage. A simple and elegant table all round.

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